Hsoub Ads Crosses 200 Million Monthly Impressions

Wael Nabbout, Mar 01 2013

Advertising platform Hsoub Ads recently crossed the 200 million mark in monthly ad impressions. The network’s ads are now seen by 25+ million unique visitors on thousands of Arabic websites across MENA according to Hsoub CEO Abedalmohimen Alagha.

Using its proprietary algorithm, Hsoub Ads serves targeted advertisements based on geographic location, users' interests, keywords, language and platforms on carefully selected Arabic websites and blogs. This way "a business or a company with interest in the Arab market, can greatly benefit from the platform, and reach the exact audience it seeks" explains Alagha.

Back in May, the company diversified its offering by introducing video ads to its platform. Additionally, it also introduced a marketplace where advertisers can rent ads on a monthly basis on popular Arabic websites without the hassle of complex agreements and payment methods. At the time, the platform generated more than two and a half million ad impressions a day (75 million/month). Now less than a year later that number has shot up by more than 166%.

Later in July, Hsoub Ltd. acquired Khamasat, a platform that matches service providers and seekers for tasks and services for a standard fee of 5 dollars.

The online advertising industry is expected to reach 101.5 billion dollars globally, while in the Middle East it is estimated that it will reach 1.24 billion dollars this year, and up to 2.81 in 2016.

“What is unique about Hsoub Ads is its automated scalability that allows our system to pump ads into thousands of websites, without any lag or performance issues. Additionally, the websites that register to be part of the ad-publishing network are approved only after verifying that they meet our high standards. If we keep the advertising environment clean, the fruit will be of an unmatched quality. That is why Hsoub Ads has quickly gained the trust of large businesses and advertisers interested in the MENA market, and it is just growing, very rapidly". - Mokhtar Algendy, Marketing Manager at Hsoub.

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