IBM’s Bluemix Platform: A Virtual Hosting Experience

Mohamad Salhab, Dec 12 2016

Software Engineer at IBM, Mohammad Fadin, believes virtual machines will become typical ways of hosting one’s services. Enter IBM’s Bluemix platform – the open source platform as a service (PaaS) that allows individuals and companies to develop and host apps on the cloud with flexibility, controllability, and scalability. What used to be essential but challenging for startups is now made available and easy to set up due to integration of operating systems with cloud systems – which means cheaper options.

IBM started Bluemix in 2014 with 5 services and it now provides 160 services and over 2500 daily user registrations. Among such services is the Bluemix Watson Analytics that has cognitive APIs for generating meaningful data. By giving Watson chunks of data in any form (PDF, Word…etc.), then conducting a series of Q&As and correcting the program during the process, the machine starts learning more, not through searching the key words but correlating information. A newly-hired engineer, for example, does not need to read the company’s manual anymore, he is, instead directed to it by the program. This model is already being used in some hospitals and IOT companies.

Other Bluemix services that Fadin explained during ArabNet Riyadh’s Design and Code Day, were the speech to text and text to speech technology for understanding real life situations; development options to meet workload requirements which provides both government and corporations with flexibility to compute options and run app services; Bluemix recipes where successful ideas and tutorials of developers, teams, companies, and startups are shared with other developers around the world in addition to the ability to download ready boilerplates from the Cloud Foundry Apps.

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