IM Capital Launches Lebanese Women Angel Fund

ArabNet Team, Jul 27 2017

LWAF's first meeting a Antwork. (Source: IM Capital's Website)


Announced at the graduation of Seeders Business Angels Class of 2016-17, earlier this July, Lebanese Women Angel Fund is the end-result of a partnership between Insure & Match Capital (IM Capital) and the Lebanese League for Women in Business (LLWB), in addition to Go Beyond Investing.



As IM Capital Director Nicolas Rouhana explained to ArabNet, this is a network “by women for women; we want to push women forward in the entrepreneurial ecosystem today, and involve them in the decision-making process”.

 According to IM Capital’s numbers, the imbalance between women and men in the ecosystem is quite recognizable; only 15% of Lebanese women being employers or self-employed, while men register a 42% ratio. In that context, LWAF will gather a maximum of 35 women who will be investing in Lebanese-based, women-led startups, to give women a louder voice in business – beyond the societal and economic constructs. 

Further  to the above, Nicolas Rouhana points at the random initiatives that are working to bring women together into one frame and encourage them to venture into the world of investment, “however, none of them have a program focused on preparing and educating women to become a qualified angel investor, like ours.” He adds “for more encouragement,

 we’ve guaranteed 50% of their investment value; so, if they don’t earn any profit at the exit stage, we’ll return half of their investment back.”


The participants will undertake a one-year training program, which will take them through a ‘learn & earn’ methodology consisting of education and investment. 

They will attend a pitch event every 6-8 weeks with female-led startups, in parallel with live training and webinars to develop their investment capacities. 

Training topics will include early-stage investing overview, investor portfolio returns and liquidity, company valuation, deal terms, financials, due diligence, impact investing, investing strategy, follow-on rounds, and exit investments.

Entry tickets of $10K will be pooled from every participant and placed into a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) with investment tickets in a range of $50K-100K. By the end of the year, 3 to 4 investments would be made using a portfolio investment approach.




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