Impact of Social Media Influencers on Food, Fashion & Beauty

Hameed Yousuf, Contributor , Sep 02 2016

Earlier last week, BPG Cohn & Wolfe, the PR wing of BPG Group collaborated with YouGov, a market research agency to study the impact of influencers on the residents of UAE.
The research for this study was conducted online using YouGov's Omnibus online research service. 1,008 UAE residents aged 18 to 40 between were interviewed to collect this data, representing the online adult population in UAE.

As per the study, respondents showed high affinity to Food, Fashion & Beauty and were likely to turn to social media influencers for recommendations.

71% of UAE residents aged 18-40 are happy to take advice online, before making a purchase.



About 68% from the panel felt their dining decision is being influenced by social foodies. Apart from following chefs like Manal Alalem, Osama Gordon Ramsay and Sanjeev Kapoor, social foodies - Foodiva and Food Sheikh were amongst the top influencers. The study also highlighted that Zomato played a major role in determining the consumer's dining decision on what is the hottest new restaurant or dish to try!

53% people follow food influencers.

70% of the respondents use smartphone to follow food influencers and the platforms that stood out were - Facebook, Youtube & Instagram.

Fashion & Beauty
63% of the respondents felt their purchasing decision is influenced by Fashion & Beauty influencers. Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty) topped the list, followed by TV celebs - Joelle Mardinian, Ola Alfares, Amina Shelbaya & Lojain Omran and bloggers Nadya Hasan from The Fierce Diaries and Fouz Alfahad (@TheRealFouz).

44% people follow Fashion & Beauty influencers

A whopping 77% use smartphones to follow their Fashion and Beauty influencers and the platforms that secured the top positions were - Facebook, Instagram & Youtube.

Key Highlights
Across both categories, two insights can be a good learning for future influencers -

  1. Most of the influencers are followed on their social profiles than on their website. Key learning is using social profiles as an extension of the content that sits on the website.
  2. Major reasons of motivating individuals to follow influencers are - Style, personality and beautifully packaged content in the form of photographs.

As of now, there are over 200 fashion and beauty social media contacts and over 200 food contacts in the UAE who are classified as bloggers on CisionPoint, a web-based on-demand PR solution. 

It's a shame I am not topping that list of foodies, but do follow me on Zomato @hamilcious and have a look at the infograph curated by the team at BPG Cohn & Wolfe - 



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