Investments in Internet & Technology Made between 2010 and 2012 in Arabia [Infographic]

Ghanah Qasem, Feb 04 2013

Today we bring you a new Infographic that illustrates investments made into the Internet and Technology sectors from 2010 til 2012 in Arabia based on a report by Sindibad Business.

The report indicates that despite a decrease in the number of investments* made in 2012 compared to 2011, 49 versus 67 investments respectively, the value of the investments has increased 12 folds since 2010, which reflects a big leap in growth that the region has been experiencing in this sector.

Jordan has sustained its lead with the highest number of investment in and acquisition of startups, with the UAE holding the 2nd spot, followed by Egypt in 3rd place and the KSA in 4th.

Startups in the UAE managed to attract $74M over the course of the 3 year in question, while Saudi startups managed only $12M during the same period.

The investments have created between 1500 and 2000 jobs according to the report.

ArabNet is in a long term partnership with DDArabia, whereby we publish colorful infographics about the entrepreneurship and digital sectors in the MENA region.

Check out the following inforgraphic for some exciting numbers and stats, or find detailed information from the report here.

*The investments include acquisitions and funding.


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