JustClean Taking Kuwait by Storm

Lynn Bizri, Jul 20 2017

JustClean, previously known as Masbagti, is an on-demand laundry app taking Kuwait by storm. Brothers Athbi Alenzi and Nouri Alenezi founded JustClean only one year ago, after moving to Kuwait from the UK and struggling with late pick-ups and vague pricing when dealing with local laundry shops. The first, and only, of its kind in Kuwait, JustClean has created a local e-marketplace for laundry businesses in Kuwait, garnering sign-ups with partners across the country and offering fast and transparent laundry services.

Through the app, users can search for nearby laundry services, request a service from over 50 listed laundry shops in Kuwait, and select a pickup time and day and checkout. In addition to regular laundry, JustClean also take care of special items like carpets, wedding dresses, and other delicate fabrics that require special care.

Payment is either via Knet upon checkout, or cash on delivery. The average time for delivery is 24 hours, but JustClean also offers fast service as quick as 4 hours. Customers can track their laundry through the app up until point of delivery.

While JustClean does face competition from UAE-based on-demand laundry apps such as WashmenGetLaundry and Washplus, it competes by offering discounts and benefits to its customers.

JustClean were selected as a finalist in the Startup Battle competition at ArabNet Kuwait in 2016, and also pitched at the ArabNet Summit earlier this year as part of the Startup Championship in Dubai. In May, JustClean were acquired by Faith Capital Holding, a Kuwait-based venture capital fund that focuses on young e-commerce businesses in the GCC. 

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