Kuwait Lost a Shining Star

Rita Makhoul, May 31 2017

Sometimes we have to write difficult pieces. This must be one of the most difficult ones. My heart aches as I write this. I woke up to the shocking news that Ahmed AlGharabally left us too soon.

Every time I would chat with Ahmed I was in awe of how driven he was. He had founded quite a few startups in Kuwait most notably masahati.com, INDUSTRIES.IO, and ADLYX. He has assisted several others, and was always curious to learn more. Ahmed constantly supported his peers and mentored many on the basics of entrepreneurships, social media management, managing finances, and more. He was inspiring to say the least.

Ahmed was also a true humanitarian. He played an active role contributing to the Kuwait community. Driving to make a difference in this world. He was a role model in example of tolerance. He supported and protected those unable to do so themselves. He launched initiatives to raise awareness and supported the laborers, waste collectors, as well as volunteered with some organizations to make Kuwait a better place. He volunteered at Sout AlKuwait Civil Society Lobbying Group, was a member of Kuwait Rights & Progress Forum, and co-founder of Kuwait Rights. He spent most of the past year building the Legalize Kuwait campaign to legalize home businesses which finally got approved this past week. 

During one of our recent encounters, I told him I’m proud to know a person such as himself. I’m glad I had that opportunity.

On behalf of the entire ArabNet team, I would like to express our deepest sorrow and condolences to Ahmed's family, friends, loved ones, and the entire Kuwait community.

Kuwait lost a shining star.





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