Loop Scooters: Beirut’s First Electric Scooter Sharing Service

Nadine Kahaleh , Jun 07 2017

Here’s a riddle for you – what’s easier than bicycles, faster than cars in traffic jams, completely green, and of a flashy orange color?

Loop Scooters made its soft launch on May 18. Positioned as affordable and environment-friendly, the startup presents the first fully integrated electric scooter sharing service in Beirut city.  It’s pre-booked, with no need for a motorcycle license.

Loop’s first station is at Berytech 1294 in Beirut Digital District; however, the startup will announce a chain of upcoming locations. Berytech Fund II has invested $1.3M in Loop, in September 2016, to support its trial operation of 55 scooters.

Book, Unlock, Ride, Park
So, how does one access Loop fleet scooters? First, you will have to download the app; both users of Android and iOS can do so. Once you sign up, you will be given a free orientation session to learn how to operate the scooter.

To book your e-scooter for a ride, you’ll have to locate one and reserve it, by using the webapp. When you do, you will receive a PIN code, which you’ll be requested to enter on the scooter’s touchscreen to unlock it and get your helmet from the box. Further to unlocking, you will be able to ride the scooter keyless.

When you reach your destination, you can park by using Loop scooter digital display, at the dedicated docking stations across the city and put the helmet in the box. Loop will then register your location.

As per the riding fees, they fall between L.L 2,000 – 15,000, according to Mira Raham, General Manager of Loop Scooters - Beirut.

Fusing between electric light mobility and Telematics, the scooter is equipped with a telematics-enabled dashboard and connected to a back-end software. Moreover, the keyless e-scooter is geared with GPS/GSM connectivity, clever 7” Touch Screen, Pin Code Ignition, Day/Night Mode and operates upon LOOP technology.

Trying out

Source: Loop Scooters' Facebook Page.

Loop Scooters’ Origins
Established in 2016 by a team of professionals in telematics, fleet management, logistics and market development, Loop SAL is the first of its kind in the MENA region. Starting in Beirut city, Loop’s mission is to offer self-service riding plan for citywide trips, by making the e-scooters available for use by commuters and tourists.

Loop SAL is a licensee of Vancouver-based LOOPShare – a global provider of electric scooter shared fleet services and technology that’s geared towards developing a Transportation as a Service technology. LOOPShare will invest the resources needed to ensure a successful trial and provide a complete rollout of more than 165 scooters.



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