Make the Most Out of Attending ArabNet Riyadh 2017

ArabNet Team, Dec 07 2017

ArabNet Conferences are a great opportunity for those looking to explore and support digital innovation, network and catch up on the latest trends in the industry. Here is a guide on how to make the most out of ArabNet Riyadh next week.

1. Review the Agenda
Download our app, consult the agenda and take some time to review the sessions and tracks offered before heading to the event. You will find four forums at ArabNet Riyadh this year: the Digital Transformation forum, the Adtech forum, the Innovation and Investment forum and the Digital Commerce forum. Set a goal for what you would like to learn at the conference and choose the sessions or tracks that best fit your needs.

2. Orient Yourself
In order to be efficient and not walk in late on an important session, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the conference space and halls before heading to the event, so come in a little early to get a sense of the space.

3. Register Early
To not get stuck at the registration desk, try to register as early as possible to minimize the time you’ll stand in lines and maximize your time learning and meeting people. Register online here

4. Follow the #Hashtag
One great way to take home insights from speakers, collect information, connect with industry professionals and network with fellow attendees is by following the event’s hashtag (#ArabNetRiyadh) on social media. Tweets with the hashtag will also be live-streamed at the event.

5. Network
Aside from the high-profile speakers who will be present at ArabNet Riyadh, the event will attract entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals of the ecosystem – an ocean of networking opportunities. You can also network via the ArabNet Riyadh app.

6. Participate
Don’t hesitate to ask questions and participate in discussions and panels when you are given the opportunity to do so. This will not only help you stand out from the crowd and get your ideas across, but you may also gain some additional valuable insights from the speaker(s).

7. Get Techie
The TechFair is a great place to connect with TechFair exhibitors, as well as discover the latest trends, applications and technologies in the Arab region, so make sure not to miss it!

8. Catch the Pitches
Make sure to attend the Startup Battle, Ideathon, and Creative Combat to see the best startups, entrepreneurs, and young talents of the region, and make sure to cast your vote for the People’s Choice Award for the best startup and idea on Tuesday via our website.

9. Follow up
It’s preferably to connect with the people you met during the conference in the days immediately following your return. Make sure your follow-ups are personalized and appropriately tailored to what you discussed.

10. Pass it On
The insights you gained at the conference are likely to be useful for your team or colleagues, so make sure to set aside time to pass on what you’ve learned through an in-person session, email or post.


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