4 Things to Consider When Developing an Effective Network in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Wael Nabbout, Aug 29 2013

During the ArabNet Digital Sumit 2013, Managing Director at Endeavor Tarek Saadi gave a brief talk that highlighted some of the key learnings of the company. Endeavor is a not for profit organization with a mission to transform growth economies by catalyzing the entrepreneurial ecosystem, mainly through job creation, economic growth, and role model creation.

Endeavor operates in 15 countries where it supports over 700 entrepreneurs. The focus of the talk revolved around the effects of networks on the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Tarek highlights some of the key attributes that mark success in different parts of the world, focusing on areas where the environment is rather harsh on businesses, such as Argentina, Jordan, Istanbul.

According to Tarek, the lessons learned are: 1. The best ecosystems are the ones created by the entrepreneurs themselves. 2. It is crucial to have 'local champions' that can inspire others. 3. Create collaboration around the most successful companies. 4. Get successful entrepreneurs to reinvest their knowledge in startups. Make sure to check out the talk below for more data and insights.


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