Car Care App & Website "Markabaty" Helps You Overcome the Hardships of Maintaining Your Car

Wael Nabbout, Aug 29 2013

Markabaty is a service designed for car owners to help them overcome some of the hardships of owning and maintaining automobiles. The company was founded by Abeer Omar, who commands 7 years of experience in Business Development, and Firas Al-Sahawneh, a programming veteran with 10 years' experience under his belt.

Both Abeer and Firas describe themselves as automobile enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who were frustrated by the expensive and tedious process of fixing and maintaining their vehicles. The Markabaty App was their attempt to provide drivers with accurate, unbiased, and useful car ownership information.

Abeer presenting Markabaty during ArabNet Beirut

How does it work?

Markabaty is both a website and mobile app. Initially, you are asked to enter information about your car: year, model, and mileage. Consequently, the service can provide you with detailed information, such as helpful tips, recommendations, and common problems related to that repair. Members can add their own comments and suggestions as well. 

There is also a huge directory of local mechanics, supplemented by a map. Members can rate mechanics. Additionally, users can keep an online service record at Markabaty.

Since all repair shops are marked on a map and labelled according to their specialty, inevitably there will be less dead-end calls and visits, which would lessen wasted time and create satisfied long-term customers in return.

The Markabaty Beta app is available for Android. The iOS version is still in development. "We have a huge support base from our friends and families including our mentors from the SeedStartup program that are helping us to launch an amazing user friendly App in the upcoming weeks," Abeer explains.

The service currently covers Jordan, but soon enough the the app will be ready for car owners in Saudi Arabia.


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