On the search for Originals - Digital marketing case study

Pascale Youssef, Jan 04 2012

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Mission: Stolichnaya Global Casting Call

Activation: Countries from around participate in the search for the world’s most original people. The most original people deserve the most original vodka

Timeline:  September 1 to November 30th. 

Relationship Status: Engaged with Stolichnaya Lebanon.

Naturally Eastline Marketing rose to the challenge of the local online activation. 

Challenge #1: Adopt the international tab (Facebook integrated application) into the local Stolileb Facebook page.  

Challenge #2: Engage and locate the most original people to enter the Stolichnaya Global Casting Call.

On September 1st, the search began and the word soon spread that Stoli Lebanon is looking for the most original people for a chance to fly to L.A. to experience a Zero Gravity flight and attend a party at the Playboy Mansion.  

On September 1st, the start of the campaign, the number of facebook fans were 4,409.

“Are you original?” hundreds of Stolichnaya friends and engaged fans rushed to answer the assigned 4 questions and put their originality to test; 
all hoping to be selected for phase 2 which was scheduled to start on October 15th.

Challenge #3: Identify the most original people through their answers in phase 1.

After an intense voting and reviewing stage, after checking all answers in respect to the Terms and Conditions of the competition, the finalists were selected.

Challenge #4: Ensure the original finalists create, produce and upload their videos in less than a week; a true test of originality.

October 30th, the videos were on, everything was under control and the frenzy began.

We experienced the true passion that people had for the selected original finalists and the Stolichnaya brand. Since fans and friends were only allowed to vote once, the competition spread when friends, family and coworkers shared the videos of the original finalists and asked people to vote.

November 18th, the voting was officially closed and we were bombarded by anxious friends and fans for the results to come out.

Eventually we announced the winners, and according to the popular vote, the people chose Roland Haddad as a Stolichnaya original winner, Marcelino Abu Ali, Sandy Najem and Gino Raidy respectively as runner-up winners.

On December 1st, total fans were 17,444 with 270,547 reached in Lebanon through the content of the Facebook Page. StoliLeb Facebook page has also outshined all international campaigns with the viral buzz it created.

Mission Accomplished!


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