Medativ, Bringing 3D Printed Medical Solutions to MENA

Lynn Bizri, Jul 24 2017

Medativ is a Dubai-based 3D anatomical model printing company that was launched in October 2015 by founder Mohamed Elawad. Operating out of Boston, Massachusetts and Dubai, UAE, Medativ aims to improve patient outcomes and safety while reducing costs.  

While 3D printing is the creation of physical and highly detailed 3D models using computerized templates and a variety of materials, in medical and surgical specialties, the 3D templates are usually created through MR, CT, angiographic and other imaging techniques. The resulting print is a replica of a patient’s organ or an area in the body.

3D printed models are used in a growing number of medical settings for a variety of applications from determining optimal surgical entry points and trajectories, to choosing surgical screw size and placement. Patient-specific 3D models in particular increase efficiency and accuracy in the operating room, help physicians offer more personalized care, and reduce operating time, blood loss, and exposure to radiation. The models also give patients themselves a better understanding of their condition and the proposed procedures. 

1486227983_A 3D printed anatomical model



Last December, Dr. Yasir Al Saeedi performed a surgery to remove a kidney tumor at the Dubai Hospital with the help of Medativ’s 3D technology, making the hospital the first in the MENA region to use such technology for a kidney surgery. Medativ created a 3D printed replica of a kidney, featuring the tumor, ureter and the vasculature. With the model of the kidney, Dr. Yasir was able to pre-plan the operation, assess how safe it was to remove the tumor, and ended up removing the tumor in an hour less than it would usually take. 

While the startup currently has customers in both the local and global marketplaces, creating market demand early on was a major obstacle Elawad and his co-founder faced. With most physicians not having heard of their services, and the clinical and economical benefits not fully quantified, Medativ needed to find a way to add credibility to their services and grow.

In September, Medativ were accepted to participate in Dubai Future Accelerators’ 12-week program, where they were given the opportunity to work directly with Dubai’s Health Authority. In addition to prompting credibility, the program gave Medativ local and international visibility and the chance to meet with strategic leaders and investors from several markets. Medativ went on to sign an agreement with the Dubai Health Authority to help implement their 3D printing strategy, and aim to set up a 3D printing facility to serve the needs of Dubai and the greater region. 

Moving forward, Medativ also plan to deliver new solutions to the region, grow their staff, and expand to other markets outside the UAE and into the wider GCC. 


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