MEDCO Launches an Online Station

ArabNet Team, Mar 19 2018

MEDCO has introduced its online portal to order diesel for your home or office or bulk gasoline for your factory or station with the best deals, anytime, anywhere.

Gas stations, ultimately, are subject to the same technology, sentiment and behavioral shifts that affect all other sectors. As is with the other sectors, they must adapt or die. 

Mobile fuel delivery startups have started popping up around the world. These startups offer customers to order a gas fill up during a specific time.  While technology has advanced and consumer expectations have jumped, the gas purchase experience has not changed for decades.  

MEDCO’s strong commitment to customer service since 1910, fuels its constant innovations to suit your evolving lifestyle and to save you time and energy.

With 200 service stations across Lebanon, MEDCO is just next door or just one click away on e-services, 365 Days, 24/7 at your service.



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