Media & Advertising Giants to Convene at the Adtech Forum

ArabNet Team, Apr 19 2018

ArabNet is rolling up its sleeves for the upcoming Digital Summit taking place in Dubai on April 30-May 1. 

This year, the 2-day conference will include 5 forums during which subjects related to media and marketing, ecommerce, real estate, financial technology, big data, digital business transformation, and many others will be explored. 

To introduce the different forums, we are producing a series of forum-focused articles, with this third article featuring the Media & Adtech Forum.

Adtech (2)

On the global scale, advertising technologies are giving traditional advertising techniques a radical makeover; advertisers are shifting their ad budgets to digital channels and Adtech companies, analytics and data are redefining targeted content, ad campaigns and media placements are tailoring advertising messages to their relevant personas, and more.

The MENA doesn’t stand laggardly idle in that race, but it’s still very far behind. The region is “snailing” its way from traditional to digital media ad spend, as digital stands at 10%, compared to a big fat 30-35% spend on print, according to Mideast media. 

The numbers imply that the region is yet to leverage the tools it has at the reach of hand for an optimal advertising conversion; it is missing several opportunities that advertising technologies can secure. Nevertheless, data management platforms, attribution and targeting technologies have risen to the spotlight as demand for measurable outcomes increases.

The Media & Adtech Forum, sponsored by OMD, will feature two full tracks covering the latest trends in digital media and advertising, including the Adtech Showcase - a convergence of new advertising and media technologies from around the world to improve the impact and efficiency of campaigns, and help publishers maximize revenues.

To attend the Media & Adtech forum, register for ArabNet’s Digital Summit here

What will be discussed?

  • Unifying Data and Platforms: Data Management and Targeting
  • Where is your Brand: Ad Fraud, Safety, Viewability
  • Bringing Online Data to the Offline world
  • Artificial Intelligence Across the Purchase Funnel
  • The Role of Agencies in Empowering eCommerce

Meet the Digital Media and Advertising Frontrunners:






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