Meet Agrytech Accelerator’s Batch I Startups

Nadine Kahaleh , Jul 13 2017

The Agrytech accelerator program concluded its first phase on Wednesday, July 12 with Demo Day. The event featured 17 business solutions in the Agri-Food sector.

11 out of 17 startups were given the opportunity to pitch their innovative idea to a large crowd of industry experts including fund managers, business professionals, startups, entrepreneurs, supporters, and media.


Meet the Startups
The Batch I startups of Agrytech’s accelerator program addressed a variety of agri-food challenges. Find their profiles below:

209 Lebanese Wine – Online Marketplace for Lebanese Wines
Working as an ecommerce website featuring more than 50 Lebanese wineries, 209 Lebanese Wine allows users to browse and purchase online almost every Lebanese wine available in the market, and delivers it right to the recipient’s door. The marketplace also works as a food-pairing engine, as it provides an online summerier; the engine will give users advice based on their budget and taste.

Agrysene – Farming, Revisited
Using the power of the IoT and the capabilities of sensors, Agysene is a decision support platform that helps farmers optimize their processes, increase their productivity by 15%, and deliver better quality. The process is simple – Prediction, Prevention, Optimization.  

L’atelier Du Miel – Sourcing Honey Smartly
L’atelier Du Miel plans on transforming honey to an experience-product; it’s aiming to create a smart way to source honey by bridging the gaps between the nature, the producer, and the consumer. It takes the user on an online tour to the different areas of honey production - via live streaming and VR. With 8 locations in Beirut, the business is working to expand its online presence.

EasyReady – Fresh, Ready-to-Eat, Hummus
Geared towards making Hummus a healthy and affordable meal featured in fast food chains menus, and supermarkets, EasyReady aims to create a fresh hummus dispenser, based on natural ingredients free from any preservatives. It is also planning on replacing labor/refrigeration needs.

The Mountain Bite – Giving Farmers an Online Presence
The mountain bite is an online marketplace that links the urban population with rural food products produced with ancestral know-how. It aims to help local farmers in selling their products and harvest to existing and new customers.

LifeLab Biodesign – Vertical Hydroponic Modules
LifeLab provides the world’s smallest turnkey vertical hydroponic modules. These modules connect to each other and then ultimately to an industrial grade automation system that runs the entire grow process with very little human intervention.

Pitching Agrytech

The startups pitching during Agrytech's Accelerator Demo Day. (Source: 

Mekaprep – Globalizing the Manoushe
Aiming at automating the entire food preparation the entire food preparation process, Mekaprep’s electricity operated, 2 meter machine, prepares baked Manoushe with a click of a button. The goal is to produce Manoushe anywhere in the world at low cost and as fast as possible.

Makanat – Connecting Foodies
Makanat is an online platform that connects food lovers, food entrepreneurs, and food businesses to short-term facility and processing line rentals.  

Mothers Cooking – Meals by Mothers in Your Neighborhood
Allowing users to search in their neighborhood for a delicious and healthy homemade cooked meal, Mothers Cooking works as an online platform that connect hungry foodies with cooking mothers. It also gives stay-at-home mothers a chance in entrepreneurship.

Smart Gourmet – Ready-to-eat With 0 Preservative
Smart Gourmet is a new cooking concept for ready-to-eat food with zero preservatives and long shelf-life; using the sous-vide technique to cook traditional authentic food while attaining a standard recipe with great taste for every meal.

Startchy – Wax-Free Food
Startchy synthesizes starch-based bio-plastic coating for fruits and vegetables aiming to offer an organic alternative to wax and vacuumed plastic for preserving food to extend their shelf-life.

Na7le – Bee Venom for Commercial Use
Na7le has innovated a technique to make and collect honey bee venom, without jeopardizing the natural ecosystem and while maintaining superior high quality. This venom will be sold to the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.

Exhibition Agrytech

The startups showcasing their innovative business solutions during Agrytech's Accelerator Demo Day. (Source: 

About Agrytech’s Accelerator Program
The applications to Agrytech’s accelerator program were open in April 2017. 17 startups were selected to undertake a 2-month Bootcamp, where they were taught different business methodologies and got connected with business and sector experts. A grant of $3300 was given to each team to cover expenses related to their business validation process.

After having pitched to a jury of experts and executives on July 10th, prior to Demo Day, only 11 have been advanced to the second phase of the program – a 4-month acceleration period with $16K in support grants.

Moreover, the 11 selected teams will be competing for the third phase of the one-year program. Only 8 teams will receive a 6-month incubation and growth period, along with $22K worth of grants.

What is the Agrytech Program about?

Agrytech is an initiative jointly funded by the Kingdom of The Netherlands and Berytech. It aims to develop startups with technology-based innovations in the agriculture and agro-food sectors.

The program is geared towards producing the appropriate tools to redress the difficulties the Agri-Food space is suffering from.

The Program is formed of three main pillars – the Accelerator, the Cluster, and the Resources. The Accelerator is tailored to move inventive ideas forward, the Cluster promotes the smart Agri-Food innovation hub, and the Resources platform is all about awareness. 



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