Meet Cairo’s Startup Battle Finalists and Runners-up!

Nadine Kahaleh , Mar 27 2017

The preparations for ArabNet’s Startup Battle - Cairo (March 29th) are being cooked in the kitchen, and the program is almost ready to be served.

10 startups will get the chance to pitch their business model to a panel of judges; 3 winners will be announced during an awards ceremony at the end of the event.

The winning startups will be given the opportunity to travel to ArabNet’s Digital Summit in Dubai, and participate in the Startups Championship for a chance of receiving a prize of $20,000 cash, as well as scholarship for acceleration at

Aside from the pitches, Cairo’s event will include a panel on the Media Technologies and Investment – it will underscore the latest trends in ad-tech, media-tech, and more!

10 finalists and 5 runners-up have been elected this year to get on the stage and introduce their business – find them here! 

The Finalists

Assess – Choosing the Right Talent
Entrepreneur – Ahmed El-Boukhary, Country – Egypt
Ability Assessment, Personality Assessment, Job Knowledge Assessment, Behavioral and Situational Assessment, and more – this is what Assess is all about; the bilingual assessment and CAT platform specializes in psychometric testing and assessment technology for talent management.

Baddel – The Age of Digital Product Exchange
Entrepreneur – Ibrahim Karim Eid, Country – Egypt
Want to sell something really fast? Baddel is the go-to platform. The deal is the following - users sell their product to Baddel, in exchange for cash credit on their Baddel account; they can use the credit to purchase any other product on the marketplace.

dotMeta – Personalizing the Video Experience
Entrepreneur – Ahmed Mehessen, Country – Egypt
Creating videos that cater to the viewers’ preferences and interests is at the core of dotMeta’s work; this video platform allows content creators to personalize the video experience, by basing themselves on the views’ aggregated data.

GooandBack- Quick on the Wheels
Entrepreneur – Hakim Amir, Country – Saudi Arabia
GooandBack revolves around fast transportation. This web and mobile platform provides rides through high-quality buses, minibusses, and vans; they are operated by private companies and individuals; users can order recurrent trips or single trips.

Hommect – Hitching Homeowners to Designers and Contractors
Entrepreneur –Maii Ahmed Emam, Country – Egypt
Looking to spruce up your home? Hommect is an outsourcing platform that liaises homeowners with designers and contractors; users looking to design the interior of their homes will simply have to fill out a questionnairewhich determines their preferences and style.  

Mumm – Homey Food for All
Entrepreneur – Waleed Abd El Rahman, Country – Egypt
Making homemade cuisine accessible to the Egyptians is why Mumm came to life; it functions as a marketplace and consultancy service that offers nutritious meals at the price of junk food.

Shielfdfy – The Armor against Cyber Threats
Entrepreneur – Islam Salem Mahmoud, Country – Egypt
Think of Shieldfy as a vigil that guards your applications against cyber threats, hackers, and any other form of online harm; developers can integrate this web application security software to their web applications, receive helpful information about threats, and block them.

Tyro – Connecting Students to Instructors
Entrepreneur – Mokhtar Osman, Country – Egypt   
Want to find the adequate tutor? Tyro is a marketplace to find and connect instructors to students, through live one-on-one sessions. Learners will have access to a filtered database where they can look for instructors based on their rating, price, and location.

Vetwork – Veteran Vets on Demand
Entrepreneur – Fady Mahmoud Azzouny, Country – Egypt
Forget about making trips to the vet; now the vet comes to you! Vetwork app focuses itself on easing animal medical care and making it more accessible – from medical checkups to grooming. The platform is the first of its kind; pet owners can now find what their pet needs at a click of button.

WideBot – Intelligent Chatbots  
Entrepreneur – Mohamed Nabil, Country – Egypt
Requiring no coding or technical background, WideBot allows users to leverage chat bots to transfigure the food ordering process; its framework provides a broader array of intelligent services, including artificially intelligent modules that give bots a unique and smart personality.

The Runners-up

Appout – A Doctor’s Life, Digitized  
Entrepreneur – Amir Aly Ahmed, Country – Egypt
This App was developed to set the balance between three elements – money, time, and patient medical profiles; doctors will be able to manage their whole professional life from mobile, from patient profiling, to clinics and cash flow, to surgeries, and appointments.

Hitchhiker – When Travelers Become Shippers
Entrepreneur – Hussein Mahmoud Asad, Country – Egypt
Bringing together shippers and travelers, this social network makes it easier to ship packages internationally while saving money and time; it allows shippers to give packages to travelers who have space in their luggage and want to make money while traveling.

Bosta – Swift and Smooth Deliveries
Entrepreneur – Mohammad Ezzat, Country – Egypt
Users can send and receive packages through Bosta from wherever they are; by accessing the mobile app, they can leverage the platform’s services and monitor the progress of their request, until the package reaches its destination.

Oustaman – Running Your Errands
Entrepreneur – Nader Al Batrawi, Country – Egypt
Using motorcycles, Oustaman will run errands for users or ship packages through one tap; this mobile app is different than its competitors, as it crowdsources the runners with their motorcycles and trains them to provide a great service.

Voo – Shop and Ship
Entrepreneur – Sherine Hassan Ewase, Country – Egypt
A delivery-on-demand, shop-and-ship mobile application; Voo’s users will be able to place an order, search for the available couriers on Voo’s live map, and book the nearest courier to send their package to its designated destination.


Think you can do it? ArabNet will be visiting Casablanca soon. Apply before the 31st of March, for a chance to compete in the Championship!

Also, if you feel like attending Cairo’s Startup Battle, we’ll be more than delighted to receive you!



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