Meet Casablanca’s Startup Battle Finalists and Runners-up!

ArabNet Team, Apr 07 2017

The preparations for ArabNet’s Startup Battle - Casablanca (April 12th) are underway, and we're excited to see the big pitches. 

10 startups will get the chance to pitch their business model to a panel of judges; 3 winners will be announced during an awards ceremony at the end of the event.

The winning startups will be given the opportunity to travel to ArabNet’s Digital Summit in Dubai, and participate in the Startups Championship for a chance of receiving a prize of $20,000 cash, as well as scholarship for acceleration at

Aside from the pitches, Casablanca's event will include a panel on the State of Digital Invesmtents in Morocco.

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10 finalists and 5 runners-up have been elected this year to get on the stage and introduce their business – find them here:

The Finalists 

Founder – Hicham Lahlou Mimi
Country – Morocco is the first web platform in Morocco that aims to bring home buyers and sellers together, saving along the way the commission paid to the broker.

SOS Santé 

Founder – Khalid Machchate
Country – Morocco
SOS Santé is an easily installable IoT device on cars, locates the closest medical facility to you, sends them your distress signal, location, blood type, drug allergies...automatically and in a simple format. 

B plus 

Founder – Adnane Hemmou
Country – Morocco
“B+" is a mobile and web application (platform) for blood donation, which facilitate the connection between the donors and the hospital.


Founder – Houssam Alami
Country – MoroccoKoolna is an online platform where travellers and adventure seekers can find likeminded people, organize and plan their trips, choose their activities, create group discussions, join a travel group, share their experience, and travel tricks.

Founder – Saad Ibnielkossair
Country – Morocco
Real estate platform to buy, sell, or rent properties.


Founder – Yacine El Hamdaoui
Country – Morocco, is the first Moroccan crowdfunding platform dedicated to social, environmental, and educational projects.

Founder – Mohamed El Omari
Country – Morocco
Online platform targetted to women covering topics of beauty, health, lifestyle, recipes, and fashion.


Founder – Hamza Laalj
Country – Morocco
Kanakol is a smartphone app that gives people the ability to discover and pre-order food before going to restaurants so that people will enjoy their time tasting the food rather than waiting for it to be prepared. 


Founder – Sabrine Oudhiri Hassani
Country – Morocco
Coachup is the first Moroccan WebTV & Web Magazine focuses basically on coaching and personal development.


Founder – Loubna Jelti
Country – Morocco
iMobileWeb is a startup that aims to develop the best mobile and web app solutions.


The Runners-up


Founder – Oussama Choubai
Country – Morocco
Maroket is an ecommerce and digital marketing cash back platform that favored the purchasing power of its members, through a new shopping experience, based on loyalty rewards, permissive rewarding ads, and data (Analysis Behaviour System).


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