Meet Kuwait's Ideathon Finalists and Runner-ups

Lynn Bizri, Oct 04 2017

We are proud to announce the 5 ArabNet Kuwait Ideathon Finalists, a group of diverse and talented entrepreneurs. 

The finalists will join us at ArabNet Kuwait and pitch on stage to a panel of high caliber judges in front of an audience of investors, media, and entrepreneurs. Register to attend ArabNet Kuwait to watch the finalists present and hear about their innovations.

5 finalists of the Ideathon competition (and 5 runners-up) were selected based on the following criteria: value proposition, target market, competitive advantage, business model, and innovation.

All finalists will get the chance to pitch in front of investors at ArabNet Kuwait 2017, and the winner will earn a cash prize of $5,000 to help convert her/his idea into an up-and-coming startup

        Meet the Finalists

  • TABB

    Entrepreneur – Yong Joon RheeCountry – Kuwait
    DINING 2.0 - a smart restaurant solution for wait-free dining

    Entrepreneur – Mohamed Labadi, Country – Algeria
    Matching students & recent graduates with global and local education and careers opportunities. 

    Entrepreneur – Mubarak AlRashidiCountry – Kuwait
    Craftat is an optimized web-based platform that will be available on multiple devices to provide solutions for home-based businesses, crafts people and artists to connect them to customers in more productive ways. 

    Entrepreneur – Abdullah Al Mallak, Country – Kuwait
    [Tinder] but for gym goers, where a trainee would swipe left and right to match another trainee based on location [same gym or nearby] as well as matching interests i.e. workout type, goals, favorite sports, idols etc. and exploiting algorithms for that purpose.

    Entrepreneur –  Hani Mohammad Alshakhss, Country – Kuwait
    Madrasa is an online education platform which provides scripted video courses & practice exams in accordance with offical curriculums in MENA area.

    Meet the Runners-up

    Entrepreneur – Mohammed Fayez EliyanCountry – Qatar
    To create a fast, efficient and reliable device that helps diabetics save their feet, their money, and their valuable time

    My Happy Car
    Entrepreneur – Osama Kharrat, Country – Kuwait
    A platform that includes companies that sell new and used spare parts and services related to maintenance 

    Smart Shelf
    Entrepreneur – Duha ShubairCountry – Kuwait
    Automatic grocery ordering application 

    Entrepreneur – Ali AlEneziCountry – Kuwait
    A platform built to improve the education process

    Medical Emergency Alarm
    Entrepreneur – Nebal Abdelmohsen Hammouda Abdrabbou, Country –  Egypt
    An application on various platforms to create a medical emergency alarm system for alert and rescue



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