Meet the Investor: Faith Capital Holdings

ArabNet Team, Feb 12 2018

Today, the MENA region is witnessing a growth in the number of new funding institutions and is currently home to over 100 active institutional investors. At ArabNet, we decided to map out and profile the funding institutions in 9 of MENA’s key markets. You can find our map here, and our second profile on Kuwait-based Faith Capital Holdings below. 

Faith Capital is a Kuwait-based venture capital firm investing in young, e-commerce businesses in the GCC with high growth potential for the future and the potential to scale up and turn into regional enterprises. Faith Capital’s approach is to support and create further value in these companies through both funding as well as specialized local and international operational and management expertise, taking companies from the startup phase all the way through to a successful exit.

For more information on Faith Capital, check out their website, and our fact sheet below:


Launched: 2016

Nabil Khalid Jaffar (Chairman)
Mohammed Jaffar (Deputy Chairman & CEO)
Abdulaziz Al Loughani (Managing Partner)
Del Magner (Chief Legal Counsel)
Jamal Al Ansari (Chief Public Relations Officer)
Alejandro Barreto (Chief Product Officer)
Mohammed Buhaimed (Chief Human Resources Officer)
Rafik Cherchali (Chief Operations Officer)

Based: Kuwait

Target Market: 

Investment Tickets: $500K - $1.5M

Eligibility Criteria (Startups): 
- At least 6 months of product/market launch history
- E-Commerce sector
- High growth potential

Startups Funded/Acquired: Masbagti, Just Clean



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