Meet the Investor: LeadAngels

ArabNet Team, Feb 05 2018

Lead Angels is the MENA region’s first online syndicated private investment platform for early stage to mid-stage revenue generating companies seeking $500k - $2M in equity financing. With teams in London, Dubai and Saudi Arabia, an extensive affiliated investor network, and access to discounted third party legal services, Lead Angels is a prime choice for both startups and investors. For startups, Lead Angels offers instant access and exposure to an accredited investor network. For investors, Lead Angels offers access to high quality opportunities alongside professional lead investors as well as investor-ready part funded deals that have already undergone extensive due diligence.

For more information on Lead Angels, check out their website, and our fact sheet below:



Launched: January 2018

Nick Roberts (CEO)
Nabil Nazer (CTO)
Tuba Terekli (MD)
Mark Thackeray

Based: Dubai, UAE

Target Market:

Investment Tickets: $500K - $2M+ (Late Seed/Series A)

Length of Campaign: 90-120 Days (with option to extend)

Eligibility Criteria (Startups):
Early stage to mid-stage companies only (in any sector excluding weaponry, firearms, gambling or alcohol)
- Must have been already seeded and generating revenue
- Secured 10% of funding target from a lead investor such as a venture capitalist or angel investor

Eligibility Criteria (Investors):
- earn an individual income of more than $200K/year or a joint income of $300K in each of the last 2 years
- have a net worth exceeding $1M, either individually or jointly with spouse
- be a general partner, executive officer, director, or related combination of thereof
- invest on behalf of a registered investment company or a business with $5M in assets or a business where all equity owners are accredited.
- invest a minimum of $25K on platform

Fees Charged:
- $2K administrative fee on companies seeking funds
- 5% success fee on funds raised if funding target is met
- Legal fees paid to discounted provider based on structure of the round

Startups Funded: Vbout (part funded)


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