Meet The Winners of ArabNet Riyadh 2014 Competitions

Romeo Chalfoun, Nov 24 2014

ArabNet’s signature competitions have become an inspiring platform to find talented aspiring entrepreneurs and give them support and exposure to evolve into bigger profitable businesses. On November 12th and 13th during ArabNet Riyadh 2014; 10 promising entrepreneurs took the stage at the “Startup Demo” and presented their startups in front of a renowned panel of judges and a crowd of more than 800 attendees, as well as 10 aspiring entrepreneurs with startup ideas in the “Ideathon”, and 7 gaming companies for “Battle of the Games”.


The Startup Demo winners received the 'PITME Labs Middle East Impact & Ingenuity Award.' This distinguished award presents the winners with an opportunity to travel to Silicon Valley and take part in the PITME Labs program. StandUp offered the teams communication and pitch training to improve their presentation skills on-stage, and better engage the audience's attention.


And now, without a further ado, here are the winners:


Startup Demo:


SD Winners.jpg


Saudi entrepreneur Hussein Attar from “Sawerly” won the first prize. Sawerly is a marketplace bidding system that connects photographers/videographers to people who need their services


Saudi entrepreneur Saleh Almutairi from “Dafater” won the second place, as well as the “People’s Choice Award”. Dafater is an online business management platform for SMEs in the MENA region.


Jordanian entrepreneur Sami AlSayyed from “ShortPoint” won the third place. ShortPoint simplifies designing and managing websites content. Once activated on your website, it will bring hundreds of ready design features and web components that can be easily used by all type of users regardless of their skills. Simply, just insert [ShortPoints] directly into your rich text editor.




ID Winners.jpg


Saudi enthusiast Khalid H. Alhmili from “B8ak” (Pronounced ""Baitak"" in Arabic) won the first prize. B8ak is a new and easy way for home & building owners to order quality maintenance and buildings' energy and water optimization services everywhere and anytime just by a click of an online app.


Saudi enthusiast Shahad Nabil Alkahtani from “On Road Notify” won second place. On Road Notify is a car accident management & reporting service to facilitate the communication between the citizens, police and the insurance companies through a smart system.


Saudi enthusiast Mohamad Kamal from “Frisk” (Audio & Video copyright) won third place. Frisk is a search engine that detects the publication of copyrighted audio and video files.


Saudi enthusiast Abdalaziz ALzhrani from “Waki” won the “People’s Choice Award”. Waki is a brand new website that aims to make reserving private playing fields easier than ever.


Battle of the Games

Moroccan entrepreneur El Filali Anas from “Trombiya” won  the first prize. Trombiya is an Arabic game set  in the 80's and 90's when young Moroccans played it in the streets. It is an arcade/puzzle game, where players are challenged to master the Trombiya, resolve the puzzles, and arrive to the destination as fast as possible.



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