Meet All the Winners from ArabNet Riyadh 2016

ArabNet Team, Dec 19 2016

ArabNet’s 3 signature competitions, the Startup Battle, Ideathon, and Battle of the Games, have become some of the best platforms to find and support talented entrepreneurs early on in their quest for greatness, and connecting them with industry leaders.                

Startup Battle Winners

On December 14th, 10 entrepreneurs took to the stage at the Startup Battle and presented their innovative products and services in front of a panel of high caliber judges and an audience of investors, media, and entrepreneurs. Winners of the Startup Battle will have booths during the ArabNet Digital Summit 2017 in Dubai where they will have the chance to compete in the ArabNet Startup Championship.

1st Place: Sihatech 

Developed by Ahmed Al Bader (KSA), it is a provider of technology solutions to the healthcare space to improve the access, accountability and quality in healthcare.

2nd Place: Spoilee 

Developed by Abdullah Alghadouni (KSA), Spoilee is a beauty services marketplace that links women with beauty service providers.

3rd Place: Cura

Developed by Wael A. Kabli (KSA), Cura is an app in the Middle East that enables you to get medical consultations easily from your smart phone by communicating with the best known doctors in all specialties.

People’s Choice Award Winner: Dhad Spell Checker 

Developed by Mohamed Ahmed Abu Baker Al Sibai (Jordan), the platform creates an integrated environment for comprehensive automated Arabic language accuracy for single words and sentences.

Ideathon Winners 

Furthermore, 10 aspiring entrepreneurs also received the chance to pitch their ideas to judges and investors for the Ideathon Competition and winners received cash prizes to help convert their idea into an up-and-coming startup.

1st Place:

Developed by Ismael Omar (KSA), it an electronic platform for car maintenance workshops that helps you choose the right workshop.

2nd Place: Ranam

Developed by Bodoor Al-Haddad (KSA), it is an interactive app that offers an exciting gamified experience of different colors of music, where users can express themselves and experience what we call beauty.

3rd Place: Hebli 

Developed by Abdulmajeed Alsaikhan (KSA), it is a marketplace/logistics platform tailored to serve everyone that lives or work in the neighborhood where Hebli is operating.

People’s Choice Award Winner: Database Service App

Developed by Diala Abi Haidar (KSA), it is a mobile application that will constitute of a single repository for all type of services a customer needs.

Battle of the Games Winner:

And one of the 4 game developers going head to head while showcasing their innovation was selected as this year’s Battle of the Games winner. ArabNet Riyadh 2016 participants had the chance to see and play the games before anyone else.

Saudi Cards

Developed by Mohammed Almatar (KSA), the game features a theme of traditional Saudi souq environment. Available to play with AI, Multiplayer, and Play with Friends modes. Supports 2 and 3 player mode with cultured content. The game features a real-time leader-board call Rich List which shows the 'Net-worth' of each player and the change +/- that happened every time the player plays a game (similar to the Forbes Billionaires list). The game will be released by the end of December 2016. 

People’s Choice Award Winner: Ship Stations

Ship Stations, developed by Abdel Rahman Jawda (KSA), is an endless runner’s game that was produced in the 3D unity engine and was completed in 2 months during his spare time. The idea is simple, the spaceship tries to escape inside a space station without crashing while trying to gather as much maintenance equipment and light cubes as possible.

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