NOW Money Wins First Place at ArabNet Startup Battle Dubai

Nadine Kahaleh , Apr 24 2017

Startup Battle Dubai concluded just yesterday; out of 10 selected finalists, 3 were declared winners. Other than a round of pitches, the event featured a panel entitled “Supporting Corporate Growth through Innovation”.

Prior to introducing you to the winning startups, we’d like to remind you that the 3 winners of Dubai’s Startup Battle have secured their chance to fly to ArabNet’s Digital Summit this year to compete in the Startup Championship against the winners from all the regional ArabNet Startup Battles. They will pitch their business model to a panel of stellar judges, for a chance to win a $20K prize, as well as a scholarship to participate in the Blackbox Connect program.

So, how about we introduce the winners!

In first place - NOW Money – Mobile Banking for Low-Income Workers 
Entrepreneur – Katharine Budd, Country – UAE
Targeted to low-income workers who are excluded from GCC’s financial system, NOW Money is a full mobile banking experience – it’s mainly focused on banking and remittance services. It allows its users to access multiple exchange providers, pay utility bills, purchase mobile phone credit, and more. It also works as a fully operational card for POS and ATM withdrawals.


Katharine Budd pitching at ArabNet Battle Dubai. 

In second place -FriendyCar – The Car Rental Platform for Car Owners      
Entrepreneur – Abdelrahman Elgamal, Country – UAE
Working as a Peer to Peer car rental platform, FriendlyCar is focused on facilitating the process of car sharing; car owners will share their car with other users on the platform – hence, share its expenses.


Abdel Rahman Elgamal pitching at ArabNet Battle Dubai. 

In third place - Wenaak – Giving Every Geographical Spot an Address 
Entrepreneur – Mohamed Al Araimi, Country – UAE
Focused on four main verticals – logistics, ecommerce, government entities, and navigation – this solution’s objective is to standardize MENA’s addresses, by dividing cities in the region into 15x15m square grids and giving each a unique postal code.


Mohamed Al Araim pitching at ArabNet Battle Dubai. 

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