Online shopping in the Arab world

ArabNet , Dec 27 2011, the leading e-shopping and online payment solution in the MENA region released a new infographic on the online shopping in the Arab world.

The infographic, which is based on a survey conducted November 2011 of more than 1,000 consumers across different countries in the MENA region, shows that 46% of male users and 32% of female users are buying products/services online. 

According to the survey, 61% of internet users research products online before buying them, while 43% have purchased before. The survey shows that over 53% of internet users in the age group of 35+ years buy online occasionally, followed by age group 26 to 35 years (52%) then group 16 to 25 years (41%).

Some of the reasons mentioned by respondents on why don’t they purchase online more frequently is the fear from credit info theft, in addition to the fact that they can’t tell what the product really looks like and they can’t return the product if they didn’t like it. However, they are motivated to shop online because they find better offers, can compare products easily, surf wide range of products comfortably from home, or have a wide range of payment options.

According to the survey, 58% would pay up to 100$ for a single online purchase and 36% would pay a value between 100$ to 1000$.

Around 41% buy online games, 31% to 28% tend to purchase computer software and electronics while 17% to 13% buy clothes, music, movies, accessories, books and magazines online.


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