Precinct Partners Launches To Provide Patient Capital To Entrepreneurs

ArabNet Team, Oct 16 2017

Precinct Partners Holding Limited (“Precinct Partners”) has launched in the DIFC to provide patient capital to entrepreneurs seeking to build remarkable companies. The company aims to create shareholder value by developing growth companies over the long term. Precinct aims to transform the way venture and growth investments are made with a focus on long term capital appreciation rather than short term results. It has already built an impressive portfolio of leading companies primarily in the technology and consumer sectors including Mumzworld, The Luxury Closet, Bayzat and mrUsta, amongst others. 

Amjad Ahmad, Founder and Managing Partner, is a veteran of the venture capital and private equity industry who has managed over USD 1 billion in investments across several emerging markets. Amjad Ahmad commented, “In emerging economies with many transformational forces, attractive investments emerge that provide an opportunity for substantial capital appreciation. To maximize value, investors must have the patience to invest, grow and exit growth companies,” he continued, “We are building a unique company that will own fundamentally strong businesses that will drive the value of our shares for years to come.”

The Middle East Region and specifically the GCC is experiencing an unprecedented wave of entrepreneurship that is expected to continue for decades to come. Driven by the need for economic diversification given slumping economies, governments are heavily focused on supporting the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems that can accelerate growth across key sectors. This has led to a wave of innovative companies that are rapidly growing with an acute need for funding and expertise.

Precinct Partners will invest in the venture and growth stages where capital, expertise and network are most needed. Amjad Ahmad explained, “We are active investors who help our portfolio companies to develop and grow into industry champions. Through our shareholders, board, management team and network, we provide the required support through the critical stages of growth.” 


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