Reinventing Partnerships, Unlocking Growth

ArabNet Team, May 29 2017

This article is written by Steve Parker, CEO Publicis Media, Middle East.

It was a privilege to be part of this year’s Arabnet Digital Summit, held in Dubai two weeks ago.  A unique opportunity to meet new and established partners, listen, learn and be inspired.

As an agency leader passionate about learning to add more value, there was so much there to learn from!  The breadth of content and topics on show truly reflected, in my opinion,  the ambition, capability and opportunity of this great region. 

Events such as Arabnet are arguably more important than ever before.  In challenging times, opportunity is plenty but unlocking profitable and sustainable growth is hard. 

This growth will come in part from striving to get better everyday at delivering core strategic and executional capabilities. It will also be dependent on identifying and investing in capabilities that reflect our client partners business challenges and that are sustainable platforms to unlock growth.  This will demand new approaches and new partners or technologies that help accelerate existing strategies or business units.

Looking at just two of the areas covered so extensively during the Arabnet Digital Summit in a little more detail, allows us to start to uniquely deliver on the ambition and the opportunity.

Publicis Media’s agency brands Starcom, Mediavest | Spark, Zenith, Blue 449 and Performics, as market leaders, are immersed in both of many of these areas.

Firstly, within the complex and rapidly developing arena of ecommerce, the role of Publicis Media is clear.  We strongly believe that  it is our responsibility to provide an end-to-end solution that provides management and optimization at the intersection of sales and marketing.  Our unique collaborative commerce framework provides efficiencies to businesses allowing growth to be unlocked by:

1. Partnering directly with marketplaces and minimizing the use of aggregation networks that lack the granular targeting capabilities

2.  Optimising product placements and descriptions based on individual marketplace nuances

3.  Applying 1st party data to target customers, establish KPIs, and satisfy consumer intent 

4.  Using platform measurement tools and proprietary technology to evaluate the success of retail marketing investment in real-time

Our responsibility is to partner with businesses in order deliver growth by building their ecommerce presence, either directly to consumers, or through appropriate partners.

Secondly, capability is less valuable without the right behaviour.  We must ensure that as leaders, our talent thrives on teamwork, working interdependently across complex structures and geographies and seeking out the best and brightest and most collaborative partners to unlock growth. 

Publicis Media is driving this behaviour and we look forward to accelerating existing partnerships and developing new ones through ground breaking collaboration initiatives like our NextTECHNow programme. This initiative uniquely helps bridge the gap between tech start-ups and brands, bringing together in partnership smart businesses of all sizes to unlock growth.  

By harnessing the great entrepreneurial talent that exists within our business and this region, we will become a smarter, stronger and more agile organization. This NextTECHNow acceleration builds on our growing reputation for delivering innovation in an open and collaborative way.  Ultimately, our aim is to be the agency of choice for tech innovation hubs, start-ups and clients who want to connect forward thinking tech solutions to brand and business goals.

We are proud that the scope of this market leadership is regional, delivering investment, talent development and capability building across the UAE, in Egypt, throughout the  Levant, in Kuwait and in both Riyadh and Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia. Investing across the region with our client and our trusted Publisher partners has always been our way, and is now more important than ever before.











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