Sarwa, MENA’s First Investment Management Platform

Lynn Bizri, Oct 09 2017

Founded in 2016 by Marc Chahwan and Jad Sayegh, Sarwa is the first hybrid automated investment management platform for young professionals in the Middle East. Sarwa aims to offer customers with a simple way to invest their money for long-term financial growth at one third the cost charged by banks and traditional advisors. Sarwa also seeks to encourage and educate the public about the different aspects of personal finance and investment, in a way that is tailored to the needs of today’s professionals.

Sarwa’s platform makes investing easy and affordable by combining proven investment strategies with technology that drives down costs. The system is based on Nobel-prize winning research called ‘Modern Portfolio Theory’ that shows that a diversified long-term portfolio performs better than picking stocks. While banks and traditional advisors charge up to 2% per year, Sarwa only charges 0.75% per year, giving them a competitive advantage.

Upon setting up an account, Sarwa builds a personalized portfolio based on what kind of investor the customer is, their financial situation, and their risk profile. Sarwa also have human advisors who can walk the customer through any financial questions and important milestones to reach their financial goals.

In August, Sarwa were selected as one of 11 startups to join the FinTech Hive program at the DIFC. In November, Sawra will get the chance to pitch and promote their platform on Investor Day to a host of investors, bankers, government officials and the media. According to the founders, the startup has raised enough funds through venture capital firms and financial services executives, and plan to raise and scale the amount once they have proven they can go to mass market. Sarwa are currently in the process of hiring investment advisors and staff for their digital platform, and interested customers can sign-up to try Sarwa in beta here




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