Science Show and Competition Rewards Student Inventors

Mohamad Salhab, Apr 26 2016

The National Association for Science and Research (NASR) in Lebanon held its 13th annual event Mobarat El'Oloum (science competition) and the First Beirut Invention Show 2016 from April 21-23. Students from 130 schools presented 175 projects in the fields of biology, environment, physics, and chemistry, at the UNESCO World Heritage Center, in Beirut.  

Innovators and creative minds collected awards with monetary value amounting to around $8,000. This is in addition to 19 full university scholarships offered by the Lebanese International University, the Islamic University in Lebanon, and Notre Dame University.  

With a Social Impact

Several projects on display presented solutions to social issues in Lebanon such as waste management. In this regards, Faris Abu El Hosn, Wael Sarieddin, Wajih Jamal, Kamal Hilal, from Qurnayil Secondary School, took home the Environment and Natural Resources Award.

Their project presented a garbage-fueled generator, which can motor a vehicle for collecting garbage, and simultaneously turn it into fuel. The inventors added an upper deck to the vehicle, making it a legitimate means of transportation.

Steadily Towards the Future

During the two-day event, an agreement seeking future collaboration was signed between NASR, LIU and Tunis Science City. Its purpose is to enrich science and technology programs and spark a wider social discourse about areas of innovation and creation.

“This event is aimed at highlighting extraordinary feats of Lebanese inventors. I am honored to be among those bright spots in our innovative and creative future in Lebanon,” said Minister of Industry Dr. Hussein El Hajj Hassan during the awards ceremony.

Winners Mobarat El'Oloum 2016   

Winners of the science competition come from intermediate and secondary schools all over Lebanon taking part in all categories and they are:

Samir Rizkalla from Mashgharah Technical School won the Hassan Kamel el Sabbah Award and six million Lebanese Pounds (around $4,000) for the Smart House Project. The award is named after famous Lebanese inventor, mathematician, and electronics research engineer who became prominent in beginning of the 20th century.

Omar el Wazzan from Maqased School- Ali Bin Abi Taleb Branch won the secondary-level robotics project Blind Man Medicine Box. For intermediate level, Jean Khoury, Cyril Tabet, Alexa Nader, Yara SHarabati from College Notre Dame de Jamhour won for their invention The Food Detective.  

Hiba Sukariyye from Al Mustafa Educational Compound won the UNESCO National Committee Award for her project Camping Stove Thermoelectric Generator.

The Health and Biology Award for the secondary level was taken home by Lama Tabaja, Silvana Neim, Lami Qamati and Samar El Zein from the Second Ghiobeiri Secondary School for Girls for their project Death on the Hands of Mercy. Jad Sabah, Bushra El Zaatari, from Housam El Din Hariri Secondary School won the intermediate level for their project, Hollywood Smile.

Winners of First Beirut Invention Show 2016

The first Beirut Invention Show Award was named after Antoine Harb, the late General Manager of UNESCO. It was presented to the co-winners by his family and Assafir newspaper. Fouad Bakkar for Student Green Dashboard invention and Richar el Helo for Free Dive Droid shared the honors.

It is worth noting that El Helo had won the first place award in 2014 for his patented Free Dive Droid during the 7th International Exhibition for Middle East Inventions in Kuwait. His invention enhances underwater communication among divers, and facilitate rescue missions.



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