SE Factory Arms Youth

ArabNet Team, Aug 12 2016

How do we arm youth from all socioeconomic backgrounds with high-caliber skills to succeed in the local job market? How do we use education as a means to youth integration? How do we fill the demand gap for skilled software developers in Lebanon and contribute to keeping bright minds in the country?

The Nawaya Network and Bader Young Entrepreneurs Program thought that one answer is SE Factory, an intensive 3-month coding bootcamp targeting youth with the right technical background, helping them become professional software engineers by developing the necessary practical experience desired by the job market. The program runs at almost no cost to the students.

After a successful pilot of 8 students, of which 6 have received employment offers in the tech industry within weeks of graduation, SE Factory launched its second cycle with 16 aspiring programmers in mid July. With more than third of the new class comprised of female students and all participants being from a variety of cultural and regional backgrounds within the country, SE Factory is challenging the social traditions and digital industry norms within the region and beyond.

The second cycle is hosted by the Beirut Digital District, and supported by Asfari Foundation, Roche Pharmaceuticals, the UK Lebanon Tech Hub, and Berytech. 


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