SE Factory Opens Cycle #4 Applications

Lynn Bizri, Apr 24 2017

Want to become a full stack web developer in just 14 weeks? Join SE Factory for Cycle #4 of their coding bootcamp!

Launched by Bader Young Entrepreneurs Program and The Nawaya Network, SE Factory is a coding academy in Lebanon that aims to teach young computer science and engineering graduates all the skills they need to become highly employable professional software engineers. Students are introduced to potential employers throughout and upon completion of the program, and SE Factory has reached 90% employability rate within 2 months of graduation.

The Curriculum

During the program, students will:
• Learn how to design scalable web applications and deploy them on Amazon AWS
• Learn the fundamental aspects of server-side development and build the habit of adopting the latest industry standards.
• Complement their knowledge of server-side development with in-depth knowledge of what happens in a browser under the hood
• Learn about web application security and what it takes to be on the offensive side of cyber attacks

Interested students can download the program syllabus here

In order to apply, applicants must be:
• Highly motivated and hard-working.
• Have studied the basics of computer science (data structures, algorithms, flow control, Boolean logic, etc...), which is typically the case for Computer Science or Computer Engineering university graduates. This program does not teach the basics of programming.
• Speak, read and write Basic English.
• Be able to commit full time for 3 months, weekdays from 10am to 7pm at SE Factory: Beirut Digital District, Building 1243, The Base (-1), Bechara El Khoury.

Cycle #4 starts mid-June 2017. Upon acceptance, accepted students pay a fee of $100 only for the full training. Learn more about the SE Factory here, and apply for the program here before May 3rd.






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