Should You Develop an App for Your E-commerce Store?

Mario Hachem, Contributor, Oct 05 2016

Research reveals that a simple optimized e-commerce website is not enough to promote sales and visibility. You really need an app that can work effectively on an Android or iOS based phone and allows you to update your e-business portal whenever and wherever you want. Nothing puts your brand and products front and center like a mobile app that the customer sees every time they use their phone. Apps become like the virtual eyes, ears, and arms of the shopper -- these tools are with them everywhere, always. That makes mobile apps a powerful tool for building and nurturing loyal customers. Here’s the first argument: when polled, 78% of users said they would rather access their favorite shopping sites via a mobile app than through their mobile browsers. Apps make the shopping experience faster, more secure, and users never have to worry about remembering a URL or logging in each time they want to see what's new or place their usual order.

We at TEDMOB encourage all our customers to develop a mobile application for their E- commerce business because mobile application is the new phenomenon that e-commerce retailers are considering massively to enrich the shopping experience of the consumers.

Why you should have an app for your e-commerce store:

  • Social
    Customers can stay connected with you through social media platforms like twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram, all in one place! Here at TEDMOB we advise all our clients with ecommerce store to stay connected to create attention and sales.

  • Shop
    Customers can look for products, add to favorites and make purchases right from the app. With Our vast experience at TEDMOB we design Ecommerce apps in a way to makes a shopper’s life easier and less time consuming.

  • Sales / Offers 
    You can let your shoppers know about upcoming sales and offers by sending out push notifications. This way they don't miss out on exclusive offers for app users.

  • Blog/ Customer Feedback
    You can understand your customer more, through the app your customer can blog and give his feedback through chat. Direct customer retail contact.

  • Click to call 
    With In app calling, a feature here at TEDMOB are introducing and adding in all apps, allows buyers to place an order on the app they can just click to call and place their orders on the phone. Payment can be made on delivery.

Finally, TEDMOB recommends the concept of developing a mobile application in the best way to attract customer towards your business as it gives the flexibility to satisfy their needs with ease. Now a person can buy the simplest of things like a nail puncher through mobile applications. The businesses are using the latest trends of getting in touch with the customers. They are using mobile applications as the tool for getting them connected to their business. Nothing is easier the carrying a mobile that is a portable way to get connected.

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