Smart Dubai: A Special Interview Series - Dubai Police

Rita Makhoul, May 27 2016

This is part three of a special interview series with some of the Smart Dubai's strategic partners to get a better understanding of the initiatives being introduced. Our first interview was with Her Excellency, Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr, Director General of the Smart Dubai office who will be speaking at ArabNet Digital Summit - Dubai, May 30-31, 2016 along with other Smart Dubai experts.
We'v also spoken to the IT Director of Dubai Health Authority, Amani Mahmoud Al-Jassmi as well as the COO of Dubai Design District, Mohammad Saeed Al Shehhi.

Today we speak to Colonel Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, General Director of Smart Services at Dubai Police.

What has Dubai Police implemented and achieved so far?

Today, all of Dubai Police services are accessible via mobile. The Dubai Police mobility strategy ensued a unique and innovative mobile app that has over 1 million downloads from both Apple Store & Google Play. In addition, our infrastructure is ready to accommodate Dubai’s Open Data strategy with a seamless integration platform the will be available for other government/private entities.

How is big data being leveraged to ensure public safety, security, and disaster management?
Having a big data infrastructure is very important to unlock and extract value from a large data set. We are continuously improving our analytics model to better help ensure public safety and security.       

Dubai Police has introduced several great initiatives using wearable technology. What has the success rate been towards them? Will Dubai Police be introducing more wearable technology initiatives?
Wearable technology has not matured enough to have a high success rate for implementation. We were early adopters of Google Glass explorer program with great ideas and implementation. However, the technology lacked key functionality for us to consider it successful. However, it is our strategy to always adopt and innovate the latest technology regardless of its implantation risk.  On the other hand, the Dubai Police smart watch App has achieved an acceptable success rate and adoption.

What seamless, efficient, and impactful services is Dubai Police planning to introduce?
We would like to introduce an effective model to engage the community with Dubai Police services. We have many ideas for services that we believe is efficient and useful, however, community engagement is the key for becoming effective.  

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