Social Media Use in Arabia [Infographic]

Ahmed Zidan, Dec 04 2012

Today we present you with an infographic that details the use of social media in the MENA region.

58% of users in the region visit Facebook at least once a week, while 23% visit YouTube and 15% visit Twitter in the same time period.

And while 72% are not aware, a data visualizations and infographics creation tool that launched in 2011, 35% still don’t know LinkedIn which launched 9 years ago.

68% visit YouTube for entertainment, while 32% visit LinkedIn for ‘research’. I predict that the 42% that cited Google Plus as their destination for research were actually referring to Google as a search engine and not the social network Google Plus.

56% visit Facebook in search of like-minded people.

The majority of the study respondents, 88%, download content from Facebook, followed by YouTube in 2nd place with 58% who download YT clips.

54% visit social networking sites to find offers & promotions nearby, while 52% do so in the hopes of increasing their networking chances.

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Check out the following inforgraphic for more interesting figures and stats!


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