Meet Sohati: The Comprehensive Arabic Online Healthcare Solution

Wael Nabbout, May 14 2014

Sohati, an online Arab healthcare solution, recently won the second spot at the ArabNet Startup Competition in its latest Beirut event. The service is a multi-screen platform that delivers reliable and trustworthy health content and services in Arabic including medical answers and online solutions.

Founded by Zeina Sfeir, Elsa Aoun, Dr. Naji Gehchan, and Wassim Kari - veterans in marketing, finance, medicine, and online technology - the service was thought up in context of the lack of reliable health information online in the region. Consequently, Sohati’s value proposition centered on providing reliable health content. All of the information is validated by physicians, is easy to understand by patients and accessible from different devices. Features include a disease directory, an interactive symptom checker, tips by physicians and experts, healthy lifestyle advice, in addition to video content. A mobile app is scheduled for release in the near future. Meanwhile however the website can be accessed from several devices.

The other side of the service is the soon to be launched patient-doctor online interaction platform. Sohati will be the first in the region to offer such a medium. Conversation will be private and secure and would be done either via email, real time chat or video conferencing. Users will have access to a range of specialists from a variety of different specialties. They will also get access to doctor profiles as well as personalized health records.


Content is broken down into 5 different categories: Diseases , Beauty & Nutrition, Pregnancy & Parenting, Psychology, and Sexual Health. The diseases section is broken down further into the diseases directory, latest news in health and medicine, and the latest medical research. The directory is quite exhaustive and includes causes, symptoms, complications, remedies and prevention for each ailment. The articles and reports are written by medical editors and reviewed thoroughly by a team of doctors. Registered users can also interact on select topics in the Forum. But perhaps the most valuable element is the interactive symptom checker.

Beauty and nutrition is broken down into - you guessed it - a beauty and a nutrition section. Similarly, here you’ll get access to article and videos written by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, nutrition specialists. There is also a body mass index calculator. In the same way as the Diseases section, there is a directory for ailments and a forum, and that also applies to the rest of the sections. You can explore the rest of them for yourself - they follow the same basic structure as we described above, but we would like to highlight the ovulation calculator and due date calculator and ultrasound calendar from Pregnancy & Parenting for their ingenuity.

As of January of 2014, Sohati has amassed 5 million page views and more than half a million Facebook fans. The site averages about five hundred thousand monthly page views from about three hundred and fifty unique monthly visitors.


Sohati will also be launching an innovative platform for patient-physician interactions sometime in July. Users will be able to choose a specialized MD or a nutritionist to have an interaction with on the Sohati platform through mailing - with answers guaranteed within 48 hours, live chat, or live video conference. The platform also makes a bold and commendable effort and includes five ‘taboo’ specialties: sexology, gynecology, dermatology, psychiatry nutrition.

The platform offers users with an easy and way to interact with specialist over long distances and across borders. And for physicians and specialists, it grants them access to more patients and visibility in the Arab world.


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