Speed Cycle Four: 9 Startups All Set For Acceleration

Nadine Kahaleh , Mar 20 2017

Cycle four of Speed’s Accelerator program is up and running; the startups are ready to jump into their acceleration ride.

Sami Abou Saab, CEO of the startup accelerator, revealed the 9 startups that will reside in BDD-Beirut to embark upon a 3-month training journey.

During the launching event, held last Tuesday in Junkyard-Beirut, Abou Saab explained that the startups will receive an investment ticket of $30K each, get exposed to the digital space in the region, and benefit from extensive sessions to craft pivotal tools that should grow their business.

Digital games, a special treatment  
The event held an interesting declaration; Abou Saab proudly announced a partnership with Arab Arcade – a game publishing platform; both parties will be working hand-in-hand to “pilot the acceleration of two gaming studios […] the program revolves around giving gaming startups a series of gaming workshops in collaboration with Arab Arcade at BDD.”

From cocoon to flying solo
Speed was able to concoct the cocoon of entrepreneurial ambitions, and watch them stretch beyond it; “we’ve supported 18 startups, invested up to $540K, and today many of them have raised money and took their business to the next level.” 

Find in the list below the group of startups that will go on board of the 3-month endeavor for this cycle.

Bidappeal – Giving bidding an irresistible appeal
As described by one of its founders Maya Obeid, Bidappeal is a platform where “you can get an iPhone for half the price within 15 minutes.” Users will be able to access the auction site, buy a ticket, reserve a seat, and place their bid. The holder of the highest bid will purchase the product.

Fig – Smart shopping, Smart attire
Fig lives up to its name – dressing up to look smart; it’s a web and mobile platform that shoppers can utilize to search and browse inventories of physical shops. In addition to that, Fig offers its users personalized fashion tips to jazz-up their appearance; they can also create and share whishlists with their friends and family.

Groovy Antoid – Playing with memorable characters 
This gaming studio is about devising the perfect combination between simple mechanics and likeable characters – each having their own story, world, and strong IP potential. The team -- working together for nearly 5 years -- was able to create a smart system where art, sound, and code meet in a groovy environment.     

Harold –  Crowning Content
Harold conforms to the reality that content is feckless if not well communicated; this digital broadcasting solution hands its users the possibility of publishing their personal life announcements and classified ads on multiple channels. It’s all about optimizing content delivery; if content is king – as the saying goes- Harold has the crown.  

Neotic – Finance made smart
AI-based, Neotic is a platform that offers crowd-sourcing analysis of the stock market; Neotic aims to incorporate artificial intelligence in the daily tasks of people’s lives, by making it user-friendly and accessible. The platform is tailored to generate highly valuable live-tested portfolios – related to financial institutions, stock traders, and students of finance.

Rave – Are you ready to party?
Coming all the way from Cyprus, Rave is a social network for all the party animals and music-buffs out there! Rave aspires to create a community where the world’s finest music, legendary artists, and party hubs meet. Rave consolidates a ranking and rating system to review DJs, clubs, festivals, events, tracks, and live performances. “We have an eye on the night life here in Lebanon, but we also aim to reach it elsewhere”, says Antonis Antoniou during Speed’s networking session to ArabNet.

Smart Interactive Breadboard – A treat for SIB students
This hardware and software solution came to life subsequent to the need of its founders for a tool to ease teaching robotic classes; as the practices out there are still primitive and inefficient, thus came Smart Interactive Board – these smart boards will help SIB students visualize circuits, connect them, and detect errors; it’s also equipped with a chatbot that answers electronic-related questions.  

The Living Book - Digitized fiction to feed children’s imagination    
As a father of three, Ziad Feghali CEO and founder of this platform, decided to conceive a tool where creative content targeted for kids can be assembled. This cloud production environment and multi-store publishing platform enables users with budding ideas to create, publish, and sell personalized printed and digital books for children - bedtime and daytime stories found online.

Van Ahmar - The Red Arab Viking of the gaming world
Created by hardcore gamers, this game development studio is all about making mobile casual games with a unique visual style, creative game mechanics, and juicy in-game features. Its games are built to trigger the gamers’ psyche, and induce a feel of the associated with the human condition.

Speed shaking its legs
As mentioned by Abou Saab throughout the event, Speed does not intend on relinquishing its role in “paving the road for local startups to expand”; however, it does have its eye on the global tech scenery, and is looking “to reach the startups located outside of Lebanon.”

For more information about Speed itself, pay them a virtual visit!


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