Speed@BDD launched Cycle V with 7 Startups on Board

ArabNet Team, Nov 15 2017

Speed@BDD officially launched its fifth acceleration program, on Tuesday November 14, 2017, at the Beirut Digital District (BDD1280), in the presence of 150+ investors, key startup ecosystem players, and media representatives. Batch V are working on solving problems in the FoodTech, Mobility, HealthTech, AdTech, and EdTech sectors.

The launch event revealed the 7 selected startups joining Cycle V of Speed@BDD’s 3-month acceleration program:

  • Actachef is an online platform that offers users a variety of delicious meals to satisfy their cravings and provides them with a healthier lifestyle. Users will receive fresh ingredients with their favorite recipes in the form of a box to enjoy a full experience of acting as chefs.
  • Cabbis is a cloud-based service offered to traditional taxi companies on a subscription model. It allows for a smooth transition from their current model to an Uber-like model and therefore, scales their business.
  • CraveHome is an online platform that allows users to buy fresh homemade meals made by a network of home cooks, professionals or amateurs, who are certified by CraveHome’s food safety program.
  • DrApp is a mobile application that allows true online consultation between patients and their doctors through text, voice, and video, while creating a public healthcare rating system where patients can rate their experiences with doctors and hospitals based on online and real life interactions.
  • Spike is a smart diabetes online assistant that connects users’ insulin pens to their phones and makes their phones aware of their condition. Spike suggests food, makes sure the users remember and take their medicine, seamlessly logs data, and shares it with their doctors.
  • Tapklik is a real-time advertising technology that helps businesses in the Middle East reach their target audience online through better targeting, access to local high-quality inventory, and proprietary machine learning algorithms to predict the right price to pay for clicks and impressions.
  • TeensWhoCode is a community connecting computer developers under the age of 18. Through an online platform, members learn new programming skills, share and collaborate on projects, connect with mentors, and find opportunities in the workplace.

The fifth acceleration cycle will conclude in January and will be followed by a Demo Day event around mid-February.


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