Stampoint Emerges as Winner of Bootcamp's Startup Sprint

ArabNet Team, Aug 08 2017

The fourth edition of Bootcamp’s Startup Sprint took place from July 28 to 30 at BDD 1280. Bootcamp, in collaboration with Torch Academy and MIT, media partner Arabnet, university partner AUST, and community partners Oracle, IEEE and Speed, brought together 22 teams from diverse backgrounds to participate in the three day program, sponsored by Souk el Bann and Mommy Made.

The Sprint was one of the most interesting Bootcamp has held so far, with the participants’ ages ranging from 16 up to 54, and with backgrounds in physics, business, marketing, computer science, mechanical engineering, banking, and others.

The diversity of knowledge within the teams made way for a very interactive Sprint, complemented with the intensive help of 28 experts and mentors throughout the work sessions.

Three international speakers - Jakob Aungiers, VP at HSBC Global Asset Management and founder of Altum Intelligence, Monique Blokzyl, founder and CEO of the Business Launch Portal, and Genevieve Leveille, founder of Agriledger - flew in from Europe to give the teams a sense of global entrepreneurship and teach them from experience. The workshops were sequenced to gradually drive the teams from an idea to a business model, and finally a pitch.

The winners were announced on Sunday, July 30, with Wassini placing second winning a $2,000 cash prize, and Stampoint taking home the grand prize of $3,000.

There were also many other winners at this Sprint. 13 teams qualified for Phase II of Bootcamp, where they will receive follow-on support to become investor or launch-ready. The teams were Back Office, EHF, FixIt, FoodConnect, Fundible, Ilham, MENA Help, QuaOLI, Riyada, Spap, Stampoint, Wassini, and WeFlex. Some of the teams will also benefit from Torch Academy’s technical consultation as well as receive two tickets valued at $1,500 for AUST’s seminar by Digital Media Expert Warren Knight.

More information is available on Altcity’s blog


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