6 Startups Shine at Flat6Labs Abu Dhabi Demo Day

Mohamad Salhab, Feb 05 2016

Digital startup accelerator Flat6Labs Abu Dhabi announced the graduation of 6 new startups selected from a diverse group of entrepreneurs at its Fall 2015 Demo Day event, held at the Park Rotana Hotel.

The graduates of this second cycle completed a four-month program with the support of Abu Dhabi's tax free zone twofour54, during which they received extensive mentorship, hands-on support, and feedback for early stage startups.

Each startup received $30,000-$50,000 in seed funding, in exchange for a 7%-15% equity stake for Flat6Labs Abu Dhabi. The actual value of the mentorship, business training and workshops, office space, and legal support from the accelerator's partners exceeds $300,000.

Welcome to the New Startups

The Demo Day event was attended by Flat6Labs Abu Dhabi mentors, business executives, governmental representatives, press and investors. Their business models and backgrounds spanning diverse digital sectors from marketing analytic tools, education and school marketplaces and hardware.

Without further ado, here are the 6 startups hailing from the UAE, Egypt, Jordan, India, Pakistan, and Greece are:                                                                                               

Dashroad is a Platform-as-a-Service company that focuses on bringing out the data from cars to help build a platform of connected car applications- based on their patented algorithms. Their aim is to capture transportation data from the car through a plug-and-play dashboard dongle that would capture trip data.

Feedspeed is a technology platform that enables on-demand app creation for offline retailers looking to have a mobile presence. The platform integrates the management of orders, content, inventory and fleet. It also gives ready integration with local payment getaways to get the retailers running with their own native mobile store in a couple of hours!

Jumpsuite is a global marketplace for personalized fitness and nutrition plans, also known as the “AIRbnb of Health and Fitness”. Unlike traditional fitness apps and online providers, Jumpsuite scales by increasing the service providers and clients and matching them with each other. It is able to connect trainers, nutritionists, and enterprises with clients and athletes.

Susurrus caters to the increasing tendencies of PR campaigns that promote a brand through influencer postings in social media and blogs, sponsored articles, photos, and videos. Susurrus (meaning whisper in Greek) flips the coin and the brand can book an online set of sponsored posts talking about its services or products in targeted audiences with tracked analytics.

Metaphorio is an online collaboration platform made for video producers who can easily collaborate on scripts, designs, storyboards, and videos. The aim to is to help them produce and manage more video content, in less time. The team share workload at each stage and clients review it within smart editors with live discussion and feedback.

StudentCart is a dedicated school marketplace that allows parents to purchase essential products, manage and track their child's expenses, and balance all their transactions online. More online features will be included soon such as paying tuition online as well as registering extracurricular activities.

On to New Adventures

Highlighting the success of the Flat6Labs Abu Dhabi Cycles, Ramez Mohamed, the CEO of Flat6Labs, said “We are introducing a new pipeline of six high quality start up companies to the angel and VC investor community in the UAE and beyond, which builds on the great success that the first cycle of the program has achieved.”

Flat6Labs Abu Dhabi expects to have more than 20 companies every year, divided into 2 cycles. The company aims to graduate some 80 companies in its first 4 years, with particular attention to digital content, e-commerce, social media and citizen journalism, media and video production, and mobile applications.

Noura Al Kaabi, CEO of twofour54, commented: “Small and medium enterprises make up the majority of private sector employment in the UAE so it is important that we support entrepreneurs now as they will be key employers of tomorrow.”

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