Steam Wallet Vouchers Now Officially Available in the Middle East, Courtesy of GameTako

Wael Nabbout, Aug 30 2013

Gamers rejoice! If you’re a resident of Arabia and been wanting to buy games off of Steam, things just got a lot simpler: GameTako is now an official distributer from valve! Steam Wallet Vouchers will now be available in the KSA and across the Arab world at regular retail price.

Cards will be sold through OneCard and Computer House now. Prices are set by GameTako in compliance with the maximum 8% over face value that valve sets.

Maximum Prices Set by Valve:

  • $20 : SAR 82
  • $50 : SAR 20 3
  • $100: SAR 40 6

GameTako is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to help developers around the region. All proceeds from the sale of vouchers goes to supporting local game developers in their quest to improve the local gaming ecosystem.

OneCard is a Saudi Arabia-based company that offers online payment and shopping services primarily in the Arab world and North Africa. The company offers users online wallets that can be credited by purchasing vouchers from stores across the Arab World with no credit cards required.

Prices are monitored by GameTako, so if you spot any odd pricing make sure you report it through their Twitter account.


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