Founded in Kuwait, we are no strangers to the home-grown online food ordering service Here at bazaar, we consider Talabat’s success story as one of our favorite of all time, because the concept has truly shifted the way customers across the region interact with restaurants in an entirely revolutionary, hassle-free format. Today, Talabat operates in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Jordan ( known as iFood) boasting a wide network of more than 4,500 partner restaurants and arriving as the one of the region's largest selection of eateries available online. Upon learning that the original one-stop menu shop for fast, fresh online food ordering embarked on a website and app revamp, we explored all of the new changes by ordering our weekly team lunch online.

Streamlined and revamped with keeping the customer’s experience in mind, changes to Talabat were firstly implemented in the back-end of the app. Since we used the most updated version of the Talabat app, we immediately noticed that browsing between various restaurants and cuisines is faster than before, making for an entirely seamless and smooth user experience. We also noticed the pleasant integration of a GPS locator. Wherever you are in Kuwait, the Talabat app can now easily locate your position to aid your journey in choosing the restaurants that deliver to your location based on the cuisine of your choice. Simply tap the location icon next to the location filter, and Talabat will sort you out!

From a user-interface perspective, the app now exudes a more modern look, where your preferred default location of choice first appears upon logging in, and you can immediately satisfy your hunger cravings by selecting the cuisine of your choice and start drooling at all of the awesome menus available to scroll through. Don’t have a Talabat account yet? Registering yourself with Talabat is also easier and faster. 

There’s also the addition of an enhanced filter functionality, and a search bar where you can simply type in the name of the restaurant or keywords that you have in mind. Whether you like to order your food based on the highest customer ratings, or you’re too hungry that you’re seeking the fastest delivery option, Talabat now offers new sorting options to refine your search. These include Talabat’s recommended selection of restaurants, ratings, alphabetical listings, minimum order amount, and fastest delivery times. Want to streamline your selection further? Filter your options by payment method, offers, new restaurants for foodies on the hunt for something different, and even open restaurants. Getting lost in a stream of delivery options is now a thing of the past, as all of these new functions bring the user even closer to the dining experience that they mostly crave.

Furthermore, customers never need to miss out on the latest offers from their favorite restaurants, as the appearance of an ‘offers’ icon next to any given restaurant not only provides users with an incentive to order, but it also makes ordering for a huge crowd totally budget-friendly! Even the way in which restaurants are listed on Talabat has been re-imagined keeping the customer’s convenience in mind. Today, the best performing restaurants appear higher up on the list, ensuring that customers are provided with an easy way to learn about the best-performing dining concepts available on Talabat. Rather than tap further to check out user reviews, now ratings and reviews are available at first glance on the restaurant’s info page. Also, you can now access your shopping cart from any page you’re on, so that if you feel like you’ve ordered a tad too much, you can easily amend your order and get right back to where you were.

Our overall experience of Talabat’s revamped website and app was, and continues to be, extremely positive. From the nifty GPS locator option, to even checking out using your Facebook account, we can’t stop playing with all of the new smarter functions on Talabat. Using data to explore the challenges faced by the everyday user, Talabat has delivered the region with a truly premier online food ordering service.

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