Tamatem’s New Mystery Game Tops the Charts

Mohamad Salhab, May 08 2016

What if you were trapped on a deserted island, and the only way out was to face your life’s past? This is the atmosphere that Tamatem brings in the interactive mystery game Escape the Past – لغزالماضي.

The latest release by the Jordan-based publisher was developed in collaboration with the French video game studio, 3DDuo. It has reached the top of the charts in a short period of time. In the first two days alone, it was downloaded 30,000 times after positive user reviews went viral on social media.

Today, the game has 70,000 downloads on the App Store alone. It reached number one in free and paid games downloaded in three countries on the iOS Middle Eastern app store. Escape the Past – لغزالماضي was also ranked as the 71st top grossing app on the App Store.

Every Detail Counts

Escape the Past – لغزالماضي is Tamatem’s first paid game, available in Arabic and English. The free version that is only available in Arabic, covers the first chapter and is challenging enough to let players get the hang of the game and motivate them to purchase the full version.

Players are expected to leave no stone unturned in their search for clues to ultimately leave the island. It gives way to enigmatic encounters in a downright eerie atmosphere, thanks to its music.

In the first of four chapters, Escape the Past – لغزالماضي gives glimpses into a mysterious past – like old letters and photos – that mix the ‘reality’ with an element of fantasy. In a way, players feel that they have experienced a memory loss, remembering a past life as they seek to escape an equally confusing new reality.

The landscape is rendered in visually stunning graphics. Clues can be hidden in seemingly innocuous locations on a sandy beach or inside an old hut. To access them, you may have to find keys, crystals, tools, chemical formulas, encrypted messages, and many other elements – which can be hidden under rugs, inside TV sets, or even in refrigerator.

The more puzzles you solve, the deeper the mystery becomes. New plot elements only serve to arouse heighten your curiosity and keep you asking for more.

Download the first chapter of Escape the Past – لغزالماضي for free on your iOS or Android devices and try it out for yourself.


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