Push the Pedal to the Metal with Tamatem's New Drifting Game

Mohamad Salhab, Apr 21 2016

If you are a fan of speeding cars, police chases, car drifting, and the good old flying your nitrous-fueled car off a cramp stunt, then you’re in for a treat. Tamatem is back at it with a new and exciting mobile racer game, Shake the Metal Rush.

According to Tamatem, the game has been downloaded around 500,000 times on both Google Play and the App Store (almost 25,000 daily downloads).

The game is already available for free download for iOS and Android devices.

For the Hardcore Drifters

Clearly, Shake the Metal Rush addresses those gamers who are passionate about drifting among GCC youth.

The game is the sequel to the successful Shake the Metal launched by Tamatem in 2015, which was downloaded over 1 million times by Android users alone.

“Shake the Metal became successful because it reflects the culture of the Gulf, we designed and developed this game by the users and for the users,” said Tamatem CEO, Hussam Hammo.  

The sequel is set in endless desert landscapes, reflecting the earlier days of drift driving in the Gulf. Back then, drivers would head to remote desert highways away from heavy traffic and bystanders. Today there are formal drifting events held in various parts of the Gulf, attracting large crowds.

Everybody Drift Now!

Casual gamers can enjoy the game, even if they’ve never drifted before.

Shake the Metal Rush has the right ingredients to pique gamers’ interest and keep them coming back for more. Gamers unlock achievements with increasing levels of difficulty, which allows them to stay motivated and gain experience as they play. They also gain points for drifting without accidents.

The game is available in both Arabic and English - an advantage over the first instalment which was only available in Arabic. It also features improved graphics, more car models, and a driving camera option.

It is worth noting that the music in the new game was chosen by users of the previous version. It includes brand new popular music titles from the Gulf, making the experience even closer to real life.

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