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Lynn Bizri, Aug 03 2016

Founded in Kuwait in 2012, Tap was conceived when its founders realized that buying and selling things online in the region was a complicated and sometimes impractical process. While online transactions are carried out at high rates in almost every country in the world, the Middle East still lags behind due to its lengthy setup procedures and rigid payment methods (despite having markets with some of the highest mobile penetration worldwide). In 2013, after working very closely with both businesses and banking institutions, the Tap team was able to design a solution and launched their ‘mobile store’, also the first of its kind in Kuwait. Today, Tap continues to lead the market in Kuwait, despite the entry of new competitors, and thanks to their online platform and recently launched goTap app, businesses, developers and individuals in Kuwait are finally able to bill, accept, and receive payments online easily and securely. Instead of it taking a few weeks to set up an online payment clearance, it now takes a few hours, and the Tap solution integrates fully with several global e-commerce platforms including Wordpress, Shopify, Magento and more.

Three diverse services

Currently, Tap offers three services: goCollect, go Sell, and goTap. Tap understood that not all businesses are online businesses, so whether a business is offline or online, Tap makes it simple to send professional, custom bills to customers. Via goCollect, Tap can send customers an SMS message and an email with a one-click payment link and if they have the goTap app, they’ll receive it there too. As for goSell, it allows businesses to take full control of their finances, create accounts and accept payments all via one seamless and simple interface with strict security standards and beginner-friendly plugins on supported e-commerce platforms. For the pros, goSell also offer API integration with multi development languages. Finally, for those looking to pay their bills, there’s also an app for that. The goTap app is designed to be easy to use, easy on the eyes, and helps clients keep track of recurring payments, save their favorite payment methods and remind them where their money’s gone.

Plans to expand in the GCC

Since launching in 2013, Tap have developed significantly, growing from a mobile store that serviced home/small businesses to an online platform that now supports multiple ecommerce platforms. In addition to the goTap app that was launched in 2015, Tap has plans to launch a new app that specifically serves businesses by the end of the year. With 2000 businesses registered and 12,000 users on the iPhone app as of Oct 2015, Tap’s reach is growing exponentially and while they currently only serve businesses in Kuwait, Tap are in the process of expanding to the UAE  and Saudi Arabia as well as the rest of the GCC in the near future. 

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