Tips on Becoming a Networking Pro at ArabNet Beirut 2018

Monica Elias, Feb 16 2018

Arabnet Beirut is just a few days away! Whether you are an investor, entrepreneur, or professional in the ecosystem, Arabnet Beirut is a great place to meet and network with different people from the tech industry as well as get exclusive insights from many professionals in the field.

Here are some steps to follow before, during, and after the conference to make the best out of it.

Coming prepared to the conference is very essential before attending. The first step is to have a good read of the agenda to learn about the different forums, panels, and speakers. The agenda also acts as a good plan guiding you to sessions that best fit your business interests.

Another important step is to research and familiarize yourself with the speakers, exhibitors, and attendees to grow your network. Carrying background information about the people at the event will definitely help you start casual conversations with the ones relevant to your business. You never know, maybe they might end up investing in your startup or starting a business with you.

Finally, and the most important step is to download the Arabnet mobile application before attending. The app will facilitate networking via the in-app messaging service so you can reach out to people from now and during the 3 days. The app also includes the agenda of the event so you can know when each speaker is presenting and talk to them right after they finish. 

Available on the Apple App Store  and on Google Play.

Aside from chatting with fellow entrepreneurs, investors, and attendees throughout the 3 days, there are 3 sessions that directly help people meet, mingle, and socialize with others.

1. The MatchUp is a series of 1-on-1 meetings between innovative startups and top business executives. This allows industry leaders be familiar with the latest in digital innovation by meeting startups disrupting traditional business models, and engaging them as potential service providers or partners.

2. The TechFair is the accompanying exhibition of all the Arabnet conferences. It includes leading digital companies and young enterprises from the MENA, Europe, the US and emerging markets. Conference participants have the chance to connect with the exhibitors and discover their latest services, applications, and technologies.

3.Speed Networking an exciting activity where you can meet with other people – in a face to face setting – one at a time for a 3 minute interval and then move on to the next person in line. Not only will you be able to quickly touch base with entrepreneurs, investors, partners and suppliers, but it is also the ultimate platform for networking and an excellent ice-breaker.

The conferences’ aim is to help you meet new people within the ecosystem. Whether entrepreneurs, speakers, or attendees, you might has accumulated a long list of new contacts. The next step from here is to send you connections a friendly email and add them to your social networks. Also, limit yourself to 5-10 strategic relationships and interact with them on a regular basis to establish meaningful relations.




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