Top Winning Personalization Ideas to Boost Conversions During Ramadan

ArabNet Team, Jun 01 2017

Across Islamic cultures, Ramadan is the time to fast, pray, connect with family and loved ones. Generally people have more leisure time to practice their religion as they are spending less time at work during Ramadan. Overall atmosphere of spirituality and relaxation causes dramatic changes in online behaviour during the holy month.

Digital consumption in MENA has been increasing significantly over the years. Especially the Internet has become the main channel for entertainment, socializing and shopping during Ramadan. During Ramadan, digital channels are also commonly used to track pray, iftar and suhoor times. To meet a pressing need for Muslims, last year Google launched “My Ramadan Companion”, a tool which provides users with customized and relevant information, including useful tips. Also, a number of research, reports and surveys have been carried out by brands highlighting trends on digital behavior during Ramadan. For instance, Google’s 2016 report “Ramadan in MENA: Digital Opportunity for Brands” has provided marketers with valuable insights into visitor behavior during Ramadan.  

According to Google, during Ramadan;

  • 82% of consumers say their consumption of goods and services increases

  • 44% of customers’ daily screen times are devoted to mobile phones

  • In 2015, most commonly searched keywords were “promotion”, “offers” and “discounts”

Based on the statistics and insights above, Insider’s Regional Director, MENA, Ali Avci shares some of the most commonly used best practices in customer experience delivery space that brands use during Ramadan. Plus, readers can download the free eBook where Ali Avci shares his personal ideas and recommendations on the subject.  

Leveraging Time-Sensitive Offers and Energizing Visitors to Complete Purchases
According to Google’s 2016 Ramadan report, people search for words such as “promotions”, “offers” and “discounts” significantly more often. In fact, they are the most commonly searched words during the holy month. Advanced segmentation lets brands target consumers who make relevant searches and incentivizing them with limited time discounts, provide brands with an unparalleled opportunity to achieve higher conversions. That’s why during Ramadan, we encourage brands to deliver eye-catching coupons with a countdown timer that energize them to make a purchase. Coupon codes are unique to each visitor to prevent duplication and are applied automatically at checkout, shortening the path to purchase even further.

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According to Facebook’s 2016 report, 76% of the interviewees say they are more likely to buy clothes during Ramadan. It’s also proven by Facebook’s report that people spend up to 2x more time online during the time between iftar and suhoor. This period of high engagement provides brands with a greater chance to catch the attention of customers. One of the personalization scenarios Insider clients leverage during Ramadan is delivering time sensitive offers during the peak hours between iftar and suhoor. 

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Time sensitive offers are also of great benefit in the travel industry, as the majority of Muslims spend a great deal of time planning their pilgrimage during Ramadan to make sure their once in a lifetime tour is comprehensive and it comes at a good price. During Ramadan, Insider’s associate partners leverage social proof technology to reveal how many people are checking a certain flight or how many economy seats are left in a Makkah flight creates a sense of urgency and encourages visitors to complete bookings, speedily.  Social proof is a significantly effective way of energizing visitors and alerting them to make faster decisions.

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Driving Subscription and Reader Loyalty During Ramadan
Ramadan is that time of the year when consumers have more leisure time to spend on reading news, magazines, books, and watching films and videos. Google’s data shows huge spikes across several content categories on YouTube throughout Ramadan each year, including TV & Comedy, Cooking & Recipes, Religion & Spirituality, Gaming, Auto & Vehicles and Internet & Telecom. The holy month is a big chance for media brands to increase pageviews, subscriptions and average time spent on page. Delivering Ramadan-related and personalized content based on reader interests such as news, health tips, recipes, etc. immediately catches the attention of visitors, encouraging them to spend more time on a given page. Personalized media content drives subscriptions and increases retention rates during Ramadan.

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Bridging the Gap Between Digital and Physical Spaces
In the finance industry, during the month of Ramadan, a great number of Muslims apply for Islamic loans to cover their personal and travel expenses, especially during the Eid al-Fitr. As some customers are still hesitant about making digital transactions or applications, bridging the gap between digital and offline experiences is vital in building trust and credibility. When brands provide a unified experience successfully addressing customers in physical spaces, customers can employ financial services whenever and wherever they want, with ease.

We empower financial institutions to target customers who abandon online loan applications and encourage them to visit a physical branch, when they are nearby. Setting up geofence areas around branches and targeting form abandoners on web, mobile web or apps with mobile push notifications when they enter a geofence area dramatically increase form completion rates and drive acquisitions.

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Right now, as the Insider MENA team, empowering more than 45 leading brands to create unique spaces and deliver meaningful experiences throughout the holy month and during the Eid Mubarak holiday. We wish everyone a blessed month full of plentitude, peace and joy.


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