Traveling With the Team: Top Team-Building Destinations in the Region, Contributor, Aug 24 2016

It is a well-known fact that an organization’s success relies on the competence of its employees and the aptitude of its teams. Collaborative environments breed efficiency, creativity and innovation, and healthy teams can effectively brainstorm, make decisions and yield positive results for a company. So building a great, resilient team culture within your company should be an essential, though sometimes challenging, and component of your organization’s structure.

Fortunately, this can be a lot of fun, for you and the team. Studies prove that a little bit of healthy playtime is just what you need to deepen your employees’ engagement, improve their ability to listen to one another, promote trust and forge long-lasting synergies.

There is a variety of exciting team building activities to choose from, depending on what your main focus is (problem solving, collaboration, etc.) As for the venue, the Middle East has a lot to offer when it comes to fun, from its stunning nature, to its exquisite historic sites, the perfect activity for your team is just around the corner.

1. Make a Splash in Egypt
You should already be aware that Egypt’s appeal goes well beyond the mystery of its pyramids. With its diverse natural heritage, heavenly waters and luxurious marine life Egypt is an ideal and low-budget location for outdoor activities related to the sea.

Beach volley, quad rally, coral reef explorations and boat races are among the adventurous experiences that can recreate life-like situations for your team members and re-fresh your approach to performance optimization.

2. Go into the Wild in Jordan
Treasure hunts, mountain climbing and hiking tours in the desert are just some of the many activities to engage your employees in seeking clues and overcoming physical challenges while enjoying the beautiful nature of Jordan.

The unparalleled mix of Bedouin culture and outdoor adventures offered by the Hashemite Kingdom is the perfect backdrop for the development of creative thinking and survival skills which can help your employees overcome day-to-day difficulties and successfully deal with internal crises.

3. It’s All Fun and Games in Qatar
Doha will host the World Cup 2022 and the entire Arab world couldn’t be more excited. As the capital undergoes massive development plans to get ready for the big event, heading to this must-visit destination in the upcoming years is a great idea to re-energize your team and move your business improvement forward.

Through Doha’s cruises, beach games, golf contests and of course soccer matches, your employees will test their interpersonal skills, transform their approach to time management and advance their leadership potential.

4. The Sky is the Limit in Dubai
With the largest specialized centers of all the Middle East, Dubai boasts a modern scenery and is definitely one of the most superb skydiving locations for your corporate purposes. Still regarded an extreme sport by most, skydiving has been used by a number world-class companies to take their teams to the top.

Indeed, the sport allows to bond a group over excitement, the adrenaline of jumping into the sky and the euphoric feeling of touching the ground again. Alongside outdoor sports like this one, the most up-to-date city of the UAE has something more in store for your employees – including desert safaris, camping and the #1 water park of the whole region.

5. Adventure Awaits in Lebanon
If the Gulf is the ultimate destination for ball sports aficionados, Lebanon is the place to be for nature lovers and adventure seekers. The Levantine country is full of beautiful hiking, biking and rafting trails, which makes it excellent for planning an outing away from the office.

Here, your employees can improve their team spirit, cooperation and other soft skills that are key for a business to achieve its mission and purpose. Don’t forget that Lebanon is also a gem of a place to relax, and such a mix of adventure and leisure will nothing but help your employees take a memorable break from their desks.

To sum up, carving out a piece of your budget to add playtime into the office is the best way to get rid of those elements that hold your employees back from joining efforts and connecting dots to success. Because there’s no such a thing as playing a fun game to get to know other people and learn how to collaborate in the most productive way.

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