Turn Your Employees into Brand Ambassadors

Bayt.com, Contributor, May 22 2017

In a world of overpowering competition, businesses can get obsessive with any strategy they find to push their name and brand further but may easily forget about their most readily available resources. 

Did you know that you have many free marketing agents to tap into? Within your own company, you can enhance your employer brand, engage with more people on social media, and drive up your brand awareness; your public relations efforts; and your advertisement ROI at no cost.

Your employees are the best asset you have. Not only because they are the main engine that drives your business success every day, your employees are also the most familiar with your brand and can speak for it without rehearsal.

So if you are considering a new strategy to strengthen your brand awareness and to reach a new and wider audience, look no further than your own employees. This is a great starting place for having a group of brand ambassadors who promote your business with more legitimacy and authenticity.

Here are a few steps from Bayt.com, the Middle East’s #1 Job Site, to help you turn your employees into brand ambassadors:


The first step that you need to take is communicating with your employees. Invite them to a brainstorming session or a marketing department meeting. Listen to what ideas they have for your next social media campaign as an example. Show them that they are part of the bigger branding and marketing effort and that their input is of significant value.


After you bring your employees on board by communicating and sharing ideas, start implementing what they come up with. If your employees would like to write blogs, participate in videos, attend events, or share photos, then you should welcome their work and take it seriously. Encourage them to develop these ideas, collaborate with them, and guide them to the finish line. Once their project is completed, they will be much more likely to promote and share it as they had a personal connection to it.


Without your expertise and skills in marketing and sales, your employees may feel lost in their endeavors. If they have amazing ideas but no skills to implement them, then your expertise is needed to complement theirs. Some of your employees may not be fully aware of the do’s and dont’s of marketing. So, the responsibility to inform them and make sure their efforts don’t go to waste is yours.


Consider developing a reward program for your most engaged and active employees. Perhaps you can reward those who share your content on social media the most, those who voluntarily write the highest number of blogs, those who are always generating leads for your business, or those who attend events and conferences to speak about your company. However you structure your program, employees will be more motivated and dedicated if you recognize and reward their efforts.


In reality, if you are not hiring the right type of talent, then having in-house brand ambassadors may be impossible. This process starts all the way back at the hiring stage. Find and hire employees who exhibit leadership skills, who are truly passionate about your field of work, who take pride in what they do, and who are willing to go the extra mile. You could even ask them to come up with an idea or a campaign to promote your brand during the assessment phase. The right type of talent fits and promotes all of your operations, and not just the department that they are part of.

Access a large talent database with sophisticated search and filtering tools, such as CV Search from Bayt.com. This way you can be very precise in your selection to find the perfect fit for your company and brand values.

Keep in mind that you should also use your recruitment strategy as a way to promote your employer brand and showcase to the prospective employees that you are the ideal place to work and that you are truly committed to engaging and empowering your employees through your ambassador programs.


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