Tutorama Outshines Egyptian Startups at Seedstars Alexandria

Mohamad Salhab, May 11 2016

Tutorama, the platform that connects students with private tutors, was selected as the best seed-stage startup at the Seedstars Alexandria competition during the Techne Summit.

Tutorama will represent Egypt and join the week-long training program at the Seedstars Summit Switzerland in March 2017 where startups from 60 countries will compete to win up to $1 million in equity investment.

Alexandria was the first round of the 2016 tour that the Swiss-based Seedstars World is organizing. The next round will take place in Tunisia on May 18.

A Platform to Improve Academic Performance

“Tutorama was born out of the realization that school is often not the whole solution to education, and the belief that any child can achieve amazing things with the right support system,” said Omar Khashaba, founder and CEO of Tutorama.

Tutorama is an online marketplace where students can find and hire tutors to improve their academic performance. The platform will be launched in September 2016 and has already been recognized regionally. Last April, it earned first place in the MIT Economic Forum’s Ideas Track, part of the 9th Arab Startup Competition.

Runners-Up and Finalists

A jury of representatives from Google, Cinemmerse, Endure Capital, and Ideavelopers selected the top startups among 13 finalists in the Egyptian edition of the Seedstars competition. Several participants stood out with their innovative ideas and showed promising potential.

1st Runner-Up: Raye7

Raye7 is a carpooling app that allows users to save on their commuting costs by sharing rides with each other. The app features a verified social network with gender filters and a built-in live chat to create dynamic interaction between users.

2nd Runner-Up: Ennota

Ennota is a cash flow management, budgeting, and projections tool that provides SMEs with speedy methods for monitoring their financial activities. Financial officers and project managers can keep track of their company’s transactions and access income and expenses reports.


  • Insanyah is a social platform that helps Egyptian humanitarian organizations achieve a better online presence. It divides the requirements and needs of every registered institute into sections, making it easier and faster for everyone to reach their areas of interest whether for collaboration, volunteer work, or donations.
  • Easy Pan is an on-demand home cooking kit. The kit includes fresh ingredients and a step-by-step guide for preparing one of 12 new recipes proposed every month, and is delivered to customers’ address within 12 hours.
  • Hommect is an architecture and interior design marketplace where clients can preview professional designers’ work, submit tenders, and contract the right designer for their project. In turn, architects use the space to showcase their work and increase their exposure.
  • Kotobna is the first online self-publishing platform for Arab authors in Egypt. Different types of content are available to readers either for a small fee of free of charge, with flexible online payments that include prepaid cards and bank transactions.
  • Shezlong is an online psychotherapy clinic that allows patients to freely and confidentially express their thoughts and feelings with its licensed therapists. The app allows paid sessions of audio and visual interactions.

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  • Tyro is an online platform that connects anyone who wants to learn a new skill with experienced instructors through live one-on-one online sessions. Knowledge seekers get instant help, and any coach willing to teach earns money.
  • VoxEra is an app-supported 3G and Wifi-enabled device that allows travelers to place calls and send messages without incurring mobile roaming costs.
  • Bassita is a click-funding method that allows users and sponsors to collaborate and contribute with content and clicks for a certain cause or project.
  • Wassel is an online directory for startups to seek funding and stay updated on industry news.
  • Escape has developed affordable Virtual Reality headsets and is working with a community of designers and developers to create a library of apps for users.


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