UAE Homes Getting “Smarter by the Second”

ArabNet Team, Aug 10 2016

According to Axiom, the region’s largest mobile reseller, the typical UAE home is witnessing a momentous transformation, one characterized by an increased adoption of smart technologies that enable residents to interact with their homes. Whether it is remotely switching off the lights and air conditioning to save energy, watching over loved ones while away to make sure they are safe and sound, or simply checking in while on holiday, smart home technologies are adding another layer of comfort, convenience and peace of mind to the way UAE residents manage their households.

Research firm MarketsandMarkets, the smart home market is expected to reach USD 121.73 billion by 2022. Fahad Al Bannai, CEO of Axiom Telecom, believes that the GCC will play an important role in this rapid global growth. “If you look at the population here in the UAE, you see many millennials who are growing into adulthood and starting to have families, yet are still passionate about exploring the world and advancing their careers,” said Al Bannai. “Many of them will rely on technology to help them strike that balance between home, work, and leisure. Today’s mobile applications, backed by a reliable 4G – soon to be 5G – data network, make it possible to stay connected wherever life takes them.”

The country’s telecommunications operators, Etisalat and du, have both been important enablers of the smart home evolution in the UAE, which is estimated to have the region’s highest per capita smartphone penetration rate as well as a wide 4G LTE network that covers 85% of the country’s populated areas. In addition to providing a robust data network, both operators are taking their own initiative to help residents embrace smart home technology.

Etisalat offers ‘Smart Living’, a unified approach to home automation that integrates home monitoring, security, safety and air conditioning management into one system that can be controlled using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Du brings smart home solutions, ranging from surveillance to entertainment and automation, to its customers across the UAE in partnership with PCCW Global, the international operation division of HKT. In addition to Etisalat and du, Axiom Telecom now offers a host of smart home solutions, enabling customers to monitor and manage their home anytime and anywhere while mobile controlled IP cameras and sophisticated drones provide users with high-res photos and aerial footage, ensuring no area goes uncovered.

Al Bannai stated that integration and user-friendliness is key to encouraging more residents to install smart home technology since home automation is often perceived as an overwhelming complex system of independently functioning parts. He also said that ‘the migration from offline to online home management is an important step in assimilating homes across the UAE into the country’s Smart City future. It can help save and conserve energy, play a supplemental role in sustainability and can also significantly raise the quality of life for UAE residents, redefining the way they handle day-to-day tasks, and enhancing the entertainment experience.’ 

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